Sunday, March 8, 2009

BC - Fri, 3/6/09

Ryan hesitated to take David's hand when David offered his condolences and it occurred to me that those two have a much longer history than many on the show. David blackmailed Gillian into having sex with him so that she could get money to save Ryan from something or other (loan sharks? Bail? Fleeing the law? I don't really remember it exactly). He then gleefully told Ryan about it. Sound familiar? If I were Ryan, I probably wouldn't have accepted his hand at ALL.

Why weren't Petey or Colby at the memorial? Palmer should have been there, too (he's the one who pretty much forced Kendall and Greenlee to start Fusion together, agreeing to lease them the building for $1/year, but only if they became partners (and Kendall became Petey's sometime-nanny). I'll cut Palmer some slack, though, since it would be physically hard on James Mitchell (and probably Palmer, too) to be there. She was also [cough] a mover and shaker in the cosmetics world -- shouldn't there have been reps from all the big cosmetics/fashion companies there? Zarf should have been there, too, singing a song for her. Speaking of Zarf, I've been playing a word connect (Scrabble-like) game a lot lately -- did you know that "Zarf" is an actual word? (Zarf n. A chalicelike holder for a hot coffee cup, typically made of ornamented metal, used in the Middle East.)

Why are the full decanters back at the bar in the Chandler living room? Unless they are drinking brown water, I'd say it's some kind of liquor. I thought that they disappeared when Carmen was there, both for Adam's sake and JAR's (the thought of Little Adam getting into them was apparently never a concern). Colby was having a problem for a while, too. These people NEVER learn!

While I can believe that a curious Little Adam took a sip or even a gulp of the scotch, I don't believe for a SECOND that he would voluntarily drink the entire glass (and it was a BIG glass), even if he DID want to be like his Daddy -- it doesn't exactly taste like Kool-Aid! When I was 23 I had a boyfriend who drank scotch. He really seemed to like it, so one day I asked for a sip to see what it was like, having never tasted it -- I rarely drank at all and when I did, it was usually wine. I think I actually spat it out! It was the most VILE thing I have EVER tasted!!! I thought it tasted exactly like POISON (having never imbibed liquid poison (that I know of), it was a figure of speech, but I was pretty sure that's what a can of Raid WOULD taste like)! If I had that reaction to the taste of it at the age of 23, what would a 4-yr-old's reaction to it be?

When I was about 6 we had all gone out to visit the fire station (my father was a volunteer fireman) after dinner, but the remainder of dinner was still on the table. When we got home, I spied a little bit of brown liquid in a wineglass at the head of the table where my father (who, as it turned out, was an alcoholic) had been sitting. I thought it was Coca-Cola, and was THRILLED that there was some left in the glass. I made a beeline to the table and quickly drank it, wanting to beat my brother and sister to the sweet treat (hi Sis!). I don't know WHAT it was, but I remember it tasting NOTHING like Coke and I was coughing and choking on it and felt really hot. There wasn't very much of it and I think I swallowed most of it before the taste even registered. I NEVER again blindly gulped down any unknown brown liquid after THAT experience, which is still so vivid in my mind 47 years later
. Apparently it's an acquired taste -- fortunately it's never been a taste that I'VE acquired.

Was anyone else bothered by the fact that the doctor, not having been able to budge Zach out of Reese's room, even though he was CLEARLY not wanted there, then LEFT Reese alone in the room with him? He could have just YELLED for help, but instead he left a BLIND woman alone with an ill-tempered, obstinate and very possible DANGEROUS stranger.

If Reese's eyes hurt so much, she might consider NOT crying and literally rubbing salt into the wounds and otherwise creating more trauma to the eyes, even if it DOES have a cleansing and lubricating effect. Rolling over toward her belly and keeping her head down strikes me as not such a great idea under the circumstances, either.

Robin "not that I BLAME her for crying" Coutellier

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