Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BC - Mon, 3/2/09

Krystal is so INCREDIBLY dumb! Why would she jump immediately into a marriage with David so soon after Babe's death and the end of her previous marriage (which happened at the end of her previous-previous marriage)? I can see how she might ignore EVERYONE'S warnings about David (IF that were the only issue), because people often do that, if only to show their independence (usually to their everlasting regret), but with all these things together, it makes NO SENSE. She's adrift and needs someone to look after her, so I can see that aspect, but she HAS to know that this is a bad, BAD move to make. It must be the milk.

Krystal makes her proposal acceptance conditional -- 1) he must promise not to use it to get Little Adam, and 2) no more secrets. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! She's said that with ALL her marriages. How has THAT worked out for ya, Krystal? Of course, pretty much every couple on the show makes that vow with every one of their many partners and one or the other of them usually breaks that vow within 24 hours -- sometimes they break it within 24 MINUTES.

Why is Krystal drinking her special milk in bed? That means she fall asleep without brushing her teeth and the milk will go to work on her teeth overnight.

David keeps disappearing. I'm beginning to think the rumors about where he's going when he disappears and the reason for the mysterious phone calls might be true.

Amanda wants to do everything she can to make Babe proud of her. Well, deliberately pinning her pregnancy on the wrong guy probably WOULD make Babe very proud of her.

Robin "it's a page right out of Babe's playbook" Coutellier

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