Friday, February 27, 2009

BC - Thu, 2/26/09

Tivo's info for today's episode starts off with "Ryan plans to steal the casino". For some reason, I have this vision of Ryan, all dressed in black and wearing a ski mask, sneaking away on tiptoe with the entire casino on his back, hoping no one will notice.

The woman standing to the right of JAR while he gives his speech bears an amazing resemblance to Alex Haven's version of Babe. Is she Babe's ghost?

Let's analyze David's speech about Babe:

  • "She led with her heart every single day." Well, that's not entirely true -- mostly she led with her crotch and her greed.
  • "She embraced her family, her friends." She did so by keeping her best friend's baby, letting said best friend to think that her baby was dead. She embraced said best friend often to comfort her. In fact, she embraced a LOT of people (often).
  • "She reached out to total STRANGERS." Yeah, just look at her first night in town. Married only 2-3 weeks, she hooked up with the first cute guy she found, who WAS a total stranger. He turned out to be her brother-in-law, but she didn't know that at first. He was also a minor who was still in high school, but that didn't appear to faze her, either.
  • "She loved her son with the fierceness of a mama bear." Yup, to prove it, she abandoned the baby she effectively stole (by hiding the knowledge that it wasn't really HER baby once she found out), then stole her own son from his family (who didn't know he WASN'T really family) and took off with him for a life on the run with the guy she was shacking up with, leaving the baby's adoptive family AND her husband to think the baby was dead. To be fair, she did leave some notes letting people (including her husband) know that the baby heretofore known as Bess was actually Miranda; Bianca could have her back now, so no worries!
  • "Babe was fearless in everything she did." I think he flubbed the line -- clearly he must have meant that she was SHAMELESS in everything she did.
Okay NOW I'm seeing some guilty feelings from Kendall about Greenlee. I disagree with some people that Greenlee is partly responsible for the accident by driving too fast on a windy road that she didn't know in inappropriate clothes. Yeah, she shouldn't have been doing that, but it's not like she was drunk or that SHE caused the accident -- at least SHE was on the right side of the road. Kendall, who shouldn't have been driving at ALL, was driving on the WRONG side of the road, and ANY oncoming traffic would have had to take evasive action and could have lost control or had no other option than to go over a cliff or be hit head-on. You might survive going over a cliff, but a head-on impact has a MUCH higher likelihood of being fatal (I learned that in traffic school a long time ago).

Ryan is SUCH a fucking hypocrite! He lambastes Reese, saying she's just like Zach -- incredibly selfish and to HELL with everybody else. I think I feel my dinner coming up!

My, my, Krystal's come full circle, hasn't she? She started out fudging the DNA test of Bess/Miranda before the baby was even born (in a memorable scene whereby we saw her wiping her mouth after leaving a satisfied-looking lab tech) to show that JAR was the father. It was unknown at that time if JAR or Jamie was the father. After the baby switch, it was eventually revealed that not only was JAR NOT the father, but Babe was not the mother). Once Krystal and Babe realized that Bess was actually Miranda, they thought Babe's real baby had died and she persuaded Babe to keep Bianca's baby as her own. Now she's making Jake and Amanda promise to not ever let JAR know that he's not the father of Amanda's baby. They don't want him to know that, either, but that's not really the point. Krystal is STILL playing fast and loose when it comes to DNA and protecting her OWN interests. She SAYS she doesn't want JAR to be hurt (the same justification she used for keeping Bianca's baby), but the truth is that she doesn't want David's attention diverted to a "shiny new baby".

Robin "she is PATHETIC!" Coutellier

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