Friday, February 27, 2009

BC - Tue-Wed, 2/24-25/09

Isn't the benefit (or is it just a launch party?) for the Babe Chandler wing supposed to be some sort of "gala"? Why would David a) wait until the day before the event to even START planning it, and b) why would Krystal be working on it? I mean, REALLY! David could afford to hire professional party planners; for that matter CAMPBELL'S can afford to do so. They keep saying that Campbell's is part of it, but I don't see Campbell's pitching in except to provide LOTS of tomato-based products and send a couple of representatives to the party. You'd think they would want more say in the matter. For all they know, there are erotic cakes on display for dessert.

For that matter, who would WANT to go to the party? Babe was hardly a saint, even if the show kept trying to cram down our throats that she was despite YEARS of evidence to the contrary. "Babe" is a STUPID and downright OFFENSIVE name for a hospital wing. NOBODY other than Krystal even LIKES David. Krystal, herself, isn't too high on most people's lists right now. The only reason I can think of for people to even attend the party is for free drinks which, unfortunately, will probably mostly consist of more tomato and fruit drinks. The Chandlers were there because of Babe (as long as all the Chandlers are going to be there, maybe they should get their lungs and blood checked for toxicity after Adam burned Little A's car in the fireplace). I hope Krystal calls in her trucker friends to make it memorable. At least then Winnie would show up.

Again, WHY isn't Annie in a locked ward? She KILLED and TRIED to kill several people, but she's right there in a VERY open room with no kind of fetters whatsoever, just because her doctor was trying to kill HER and was treating her unethically. The fact that her doctor was a whackjob doesn't make Annie any LESS of a whackjob OR less likely to do harm to someone. Don't they at least have a locked psych ward to keep her in temporarily? For that matter, why is she still there at ALL? She got a bump/cut on the head, and for that she's taking up a BED in a private room? They could have treated THAT at Oakhaven. If the private room were at least LOCKED that might be acceptable, given the circumstances, but this is just plain wasteful and ludicrous! At one point (when she DID start to freak out), a uniformed man came in, but it was unclear if that was a police officer or hospital security. Either way, he didn't look like he was sticking around very closely.

Who sprang for all the hospital staff to wear red scrubs during the day BEFORE the party? That's not what they usually wear (I would hope not, since patients really don't want to be reminded of blood any more than necessary). David probably made everyone get new red scrubs for the day (and ONLY that day) and then docked their pay for it. Did Campbell's pay for the scrubs (they SHOULD have since it's basically advertising)? I would think that money would have been better spent on ACTUAL health care. They also put down red carpets for the party -- how many immunizations for children could THAT have paid for? It was probably a rented rug, but still ...

Robin "it was a pretty dull party as soap parties go" Coutellier

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