Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BC - Mon, 2/16/09

And now our heart transplant patient is being jerked around in a careening car (I know what THAT feels like) and climbing down cliffs. According to Ruby Vee, a nurse who posts on R.A.T.S.A.), a person who has had their breastbone sawed open and then wired shut needs at least SIX WEEKS of favoring the sternum and lifting no more than 5 lbs lest the breastbone pop right open again. As usual, Kendall rarely uses her brain before she acts.

I was disappointed that Erica didn't say anything about Mona being proud of Bianca and wishing she could be there? It was nice for Jack to tell Bianca that her father, Travis, would be proud of her.

Does it seem a little odd to anyone else that there aren't any gay/lesbian friends of either of the brides at the wedding? They used to include extras at all the soap weddings, but this was a particularly low-attendance one. You'd think there would be at least ONE person there besides Bianca that was supportive to Reese. Of course, that may be deliberate to underscore how much of an outsider she is. Bianca has alluded to some gay/lesbian friends in PV in the past. That said, since they've been showing the two of them as a couple for quite a while now, within the context of the show itself, I didn't really think of it as a "same-sex wedding" so much as simply a "wedding". I tend to think of it as of a "same-sex wedding" when I see the various external references to it, though.

I know this wedding was supposed to be small, intimate affair, but you'd think there would be at least SOMEONE outside of the immediate circle of PV's usual movers and shakers. For that matter, why weren't Sean, Molly and, yes, even BARBARA there? Bianca lived with them from the time she was six to sixteen, after all. How about Reggie and Lily? (Lily would, of course, have to wear sunglasses what with all the red abounding on the set lately.) Valentine's Day was a Saturday this year, so having to be in school is no excuse. Joe has been around all of Bianca's life -- is he still visiting an aunt or whatever, out of state? Palmer should have been there, too, but I'll cut him some slack since he's really getting on in years. Mary Smythe should have been there, but Greenlee did pretty much give her the boot, so that one's iffy. Jack has a sister, That-Kit-Fisher-Person (tm by EEK) who should be there for at least ONE of her niece's weddings. Ryan ... hmmmm ... well, everyone in Ryan's family dies just to get away from him, even the PRETEND ones, and no one REALLY likes him, anyway.

Robin "now that Greenlee's been in a horrible accident & Reese and Zach's kiss is exposed, does this mean there's not going to be cake?" Coutellier

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