Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BC - Mon, 2/2/09

JAR says he would not try to take Amanda's baby because that's Adam's style, like the baby is his own personal property. Yes, but the MOTHER is giving the baby up. That is NOT the same as Adam doing everything possible to steal his various children from their mothers. Not that I think JAR is fit to raise a child. I also do not think Ryan and Greenlee are fit to raise children, though. The fact that JAR thinks that Ryan would be such a great parent to his child shows what bad judgment HE has. At least JAR is willing to ADMIT that he would not be a good father.

Brianne Moncrief (Colby) is SUCH a bad actress! Her expression barely changed throughout her entire conversation with JAR. She might as well have been gaping at a fishbowl.

I'm glad Zach at least had the good sense to hem and haw and stumble in his explanation as to why he was the donor for Bianca's pregnancy. It made NO SENSE. That entire storyline is just ABSURD. He told Kendall that Bianca didn't want to let them know about it unless it was successful. He's leaving out the part where he had Kendall's permission to impregnate his sister-in-law in the FIRST PLACE!

Bianca frets about how badly this came about (telling Kendall about the baby). Reese tries to comfort her, telling her that she couldn't have predicted the tornado. Me: "YOU COULD HAVE PREDICTED KENDALL WOULDN'T ***LIKE*** YOU BEING PREGNANT WITH HER HUSBAND'S BABY!!!"

Erica tells David she flat-out will NOT help him take LA away from JAR. David is kind of pissed off. What's he going to do, go in and suffocate Kendall? Frankly, I would not put it past him to do something to compromise Kendall's physical situation. He says he can't stay mad at Erica, but he is not to be trusted.

Jesse and Angie query Tad about Kathy and ask if there's some reason she might have run away. Tad says no, she was fine. EXCUSE ME? She was very upset that Krystal was leaving and said that Mommies go away and they never come back. Then he and Krystal have a blow-up. How can he be so thick-headed as to think that Kathy was FINE?

JAR makes a point of showing Adam that he is drinking WATER. Well, that's nice. But he's still in a BAR. Why would an alcoholic who has just come off a bender and is trying to stay sober hang out in a fucking BAR?

It didn't occur to me until Kendall started talking about Josh's tortured heart that now she not only has her dead brother's heart in her chest, but it's the heart that her mother had previously aborted along with the rest of him, so it's not only second-hand, but it's twice-SALVAGED, and from the same mother who gave HER away at birth because she was a product of rape. That has GOT to mess with her mind! And we thought Kendall had issues BEFORE all this! That unabortion storyline travesty is just going to go and and on and on.

Wouldn't Kendall need, oh, I don't know ... REST? People are going into her room one after the other, dropping information bombs and agitating her while she puts on a front of complete calm. She IS doing a good job of acting wan and tired, though.

WHOA! Good and very subtle acting on the part of TK and AM at the end of the show! He is SOOO fucked! Zach is sleeping in the doghouse NOW!

Robin "and he's about to be neutered" Coutellier

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