Saturday, February 14, 2009

BC - Fri, 2/13/09

Kendall could barely WALK or even SIT UP a couple of days ago, but now she's wandering around the hotel, rushing around and driving? As we predicted (made MUCH easier by tell-all promos), Kendall has had a MIRACULOUSLY speedy recovery from a 4-month coma AND a heart transplant.

If Kendall was supposed to be a Maid Of Honor, why is she wearing a hat, thereby squishing down her hair and giving her hat-head? And why the sudden wave of hats (remember Angie was wearing one the other day)?

Zach KNOWS how pissed off Kendall is at him for siring Gabrielle, ESPECIALLY when she sees him with her, so why does he keep picking up the baby to soothe it every time it gets even remotely fussy?

The Kane women sure do like big oval mirrors on their wedding days.

Ugh, I *HATE* Bianca's dress! Reese's isn't so anything to write home about, either, but Bianca's is SOOOO unflattering to her! I'm VERY disappointed.

Why isn't Greenlee afraid of her long dress (or veil) getting caught in/under the wheels of the motorcycle? Apparently she's never seen the end of the movie "Isadora" (1968). (GMTA, Aisling!) I was amazed that there wasn't a Youtube clip (that I could find) of THAT scene -- it was QUITE memorable! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Isadora Duncan, a famous dancer, died in 1927 of a broken neck when one of the long, flowing scarves she was so fond of wearing trailed romantically behind her in a car -- and then got caught in the spokes of one of the rear wheels.

What IS it about AMC and motorcycles going cliffs? For that matter, why does everyone in town eventually fall over some precipice or another? Off the top of my head:
  • Ryan drove his motorcycle over a cliff
  • Tad and Billy Clyde Tuggle got blown off a high bridge
  • Tad and Brooke drove off a cliff, or at least down an embankment way back in Brooke's reporter days
  • Bianca was pushed over a balcony
  • Mia fell or was pushed out of a 3rd floor window
  • JAR jumped out of a fourth floor window
  • Erica fell off a scaffolding
  • Greg Nelson fell off a scaffolding
  • Leo and his mother fell off Miller's Falls
  • Hannah fell off Miller's Falls
  • Dr. Lazare fell off a cliff or bridge
  • Lars Bogard fell off the back of a cruise ship
  • Maria and an entire crashed plane fell (or was pushed by Brooke, depending on your point of view) off a cliff
  • Annie jumped off the balcony of the Penthouse and (hilariously) immediately got up and ran away
  • Leslie Coulsen fell off the top of the Chandler Enterprises building
  • Helga fell off a castle-like structure in Hungary
  • Countless people have ALMOST gone over the top of the Fusion building (has anyone ever succeeded?)
Robin "any more?" Coutellier

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