Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BC - Tue, 2/17/09

They're in Connecticut -- so why is JESSE involved in the search and rescue? He wasn't even at the wedding.

Again, they are in CONNECTICUT, which is where Kendall collapsed -- so why is David examining Kendall at PVH?

I'm pretty sure that the taped confession Annie made to the doctor would NOT be admissible in a court of law. For one thing, she is not in POLICE custody, she was not read her rights as far as her being in the loony bin go (in JAIL, maybe, but not in a medical treatment facility), and she was not informed that their "sessions" were being recorded. Also, is she being represented by counsel? At the very LEAST she should have a public defender or some kind of "guardian ad litem" to look out for her interests, but there doesn't appear to be anything of the kind in place. The Defense has a right to have her examined by an independent psychiatrist. I would think that would be REQUIRED, for that matter, before a competency hearing for purposes of standing trial could be held.

Why is Amanda wearing such a tiny little coat and a v-necked top (and no gloves) out in the snow? JAR isn't wearing gloves, either. Then he sat on the cement bench near Babe's grave. My first thought was that his butt must be FREEZING. Then Amanda sat next to him. Now there are TWO freezing butts. They didn't even clear the snow off of them first!

Robin "do they have soggy butts now?" Coutellier

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