Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BC - Tue, 2/10/09

Tidbit: February 10 is on or about Jesse's birthday.

Is it just me, or does Livia look like a frosted pastry in the grocery store bread aisle, or perhaps a freshly drizzled cinnamon bun, popover or bunt cake? I was so fascinated by her hair that I had to rewind the scene to know what it was even about. at the very first commercial break after I wrote that, they showed a Pillsbury Toaster Strudel commercial whereupon they drizzled frosting all over one! First Greenlee bleeding on the floor of Fusion to remind us of Fusion Red and now Livia looking like frosted toaster strudel -- don't tell ME that's not product placement!

How is it that people keep getting into the Maximum Security Ward unseen? Wouldn't it, by DEFINITION, have security cameras at LEAST on the doors?

Ryan saying he needed to know that Annie was no longer a threat to his wedding day or any other day was the reason for him being not only at Oakhaven (at night), but IN THE MAXIMUM SECURITY WARD is totally bogus! He could, oh, I don't know, CALL Dr. Sinclair to discuss it with her or make an appointment to see her in person, not just pop up in a secure area like some kind of toaster strudel.

Today's blatant product placement: Natalia toasting Jesse at ConFusion with Fusion V-8. I wonder what the markup is if you buy it at a bar (where the set it on the table for you like it was a bottle of wine). Did they pour some in Natalia's glass first so she could swirl it, sniff it, sip it and pronounce it acceptable? Brot was also drinking Fusion V-8. Jake had a martini, though. That's only because they are going in the direction of him having a "drinking problem", though, so they don't want to link THAT to their sponsor. Then he had a beer (as did Tad) back at Tad's place to reinforce a brotherly bonding scene.

What, exactly, is Dr. Sinclair going for in trying to force a confession out of Annie? All she has to do is testify that Annie confessed to her and that she finds her to be faking. All things considered, telling that story without a confession from Annie would be a simple matter for her to do. Does she have the room videotaped? If so, I would think they could bring her up on charges just for the way she GOT a confession!

Is this day in Pine Valley EVER going to end? People have been in the same clothes for what seems like a very long time. Reese and Bianca went to bed and Bianca slept and then woke and they were STILL wearing the same clothes they were wearing last Wednesday. Then they moved to the Casino and had a fight and Reese went downstairs to drown her sorrows and they STILL were wearing the same clothes. Tad planted drugs at David's place, David was busted and blackmailed into dropping charges, Angie and Jake both went back to work and apparently put in a full day. Brot is working and Taylor is visiting him and all the doctors were on duty until a few minutes ago, even though it was now WELL into the night. Rebecca finds out her chemo isn't working, buys presents for everyone, says goodbye, flies back to Denver and commits suicide, and Krystal was STILL wearing her clown collar top (which she was wearing on last Thursday's show) while she and Tad were divvying up their properties with their lawyers, even though it is now WELL into the night. Kendall said goodnight to Zach quite a while ago (he declined to go to bed and went to the Casino and ended up commiserating with Reese instead). Greenlee and Erica had a fight a the office AFTER DARK, whereupon Greenlee was knocked unconscious, taken to the hospital and treated, had a heart-to-heart with Erica about Kendall, went to the Slater house (possibly stopping to buy a formal dress for Kendall on the way), made Kendall try a dress on and got her to spill her guts (so to speak). The doctors go to Fusion to celebrate Jesse's birthday. Krystal FINALLY changes her clothes, but they make a point of it because she and David are going out to dinner, not because it's a new day. Natalia is also wearing different clothes, but it's only natural she would change to go out. Despite all that, that SAME NIGHT Angie ruminates that she should have sensed something "the day Rebecca left". HELLO? REBECCA LEFT EARLIER ~~~TODAY~~~!!! And you DID sense something about the way she said goodbye -- that was VERY clear! Then Natalia receives a letter that came "overnight from Denver". How did Rebecca send something overnight from Denver the day BEFORE she went back to Denver? This is TOTALLY a time-warped day!

Robin "What, Rebecca couldn't wait ONE MORE DAY so that her suicide didn't happen on Jesse's BIRTHDAY?" Coutellier

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