Monday, February 2, 2009

BC - Fri, 1/30/09

I just realized that Annie's hair seems considerably darker. How is she getting her hair dyed in Oakhaven?

Why isn't there a big red spot (and possibly whitish WELTS) on Reese's face after her mother whalloped her SOOO hard across the face that it was practically a PUNCH?

I know Tad is REALLY hurt and very angry, but he should shut his trap when it comes to slamming Krystal where Kathy could overhear. He sent her upstairs to play so he could talk to Krystal. Kathy is NOT an idiot. If I were her, I'd be listening to them as hard as my little ears COULD listen. Oh look, there she is NOW, sitting on the stairs! And she stomped up them when Krystal finally left, but Tad didn't even notice the commotion.

Is anyone going to tell Alice Hart that Kendall is awake? Has anyone mentioned to her that Kendall was even in a coma, let alone that she had a heart transplant? For new watchers, Alice Hart is Kendall's VERY sweet and loving adoptive mother who raised her FROM BIRTH. She lives in Florida.

I'm SO glad that Reese and Zach did NOT have sex in the wake of her mother's slap! That doesn't mean they won't still do it, but it would have been easy (and predictable) for them to have sex and, because they are busy getting busy, have Zach not answer his phone when Bianca called to tell them that Kendall was awake. Zach said everyone has impulses, but it doesn't mean they have to ACT on them. What a REFRESHING idea for a soap! The characters aren't going to act like normal people most of the time, because then there wouldn't be any dramatic stories, but it's nice to see them behave once in a while and maybe set an example to people that actually makes sense while at the same time acknowledging that people DO have impulses.

OT: I told someone (who smokes) recently that I quit smoking when I was 18 and am, in fact, allergic to cigarette smoke and can't STAND it, but that, every once in a while, I have a dream where I not only smoke, but I LIKE it! He looked crestfallen and said that didn't bode well for him quitting eventually. I reminded him, though, that we all dream about doing things that we would NEVER do in real life :-) For instance, in my DREAMS, I often glide or sometimes just levitate merely by concentrating really hard. I run a lot in my dreams, too, and the gliding in between touching down can be quite extended. I also race along on something akin to a combination magic carpet/bobsled -- it doesn't leave the ground, but it goes really FAST and is quite maneuverable just by my pulling on one side or the other :-)

Is it REALLY necessary right NOW to tell Kendall that Zach was the donor father to create Gabrielle? It's not enough of a shock to Kendall to find out that a) she's in the hospital and doesn't know how she got there, b) she's been in a coma for three months, c) she had a heart transplant, and d) the heart donor was her own brother? And she doesn't even know about MYRTLE (or Babe) yet!

Robin "FGS, PACE yourselves!" Coutellier

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