Thursday, January 29, 2009

BC - Thu, 1/29/09

Dr. Sinclair lets Ryan and Greenlee know Tad's cover was blown the night before, but Ryan didn't feel a need to tell Tad until the NEXT DAY?

I'm a little confused. Was the present at the shower for Greenlee from Amanda or Erica? Was it from Erica, but Amanda bought it? If ERICA was the one who arranged for the lingerie to be given to her, I wouldn't try them on if I were Greenlee -- they probably have some kind of itching powder embedded in them.

MARY SMYTHE IS BACK!!! She's ALWAYS fun! Wait a minute -- was that IT? She said she has a personal trainer who is missing her (presumably in Rotterdam). Talk about a drive-by! We've been ROBBED!

Considering Annie's history with tire irons, her overall violent tendencies and the fact that she had previously slammed the doctor's head into a pointy dresser, is putting a tire iron within reach of Annie while yelling at her REALLY the wisest choice on Dr. Sinclair's part? ... I thought not.

I know someone is applying Kendall's makeup daily, not to mention shampooing and styling her hair and probably waxing various hairy parts of her body and applying perfume, deodorant, body gel, fingernail and toenail polish and various moisturizers. I'm flummoxed, though, as to how they can put such copious amounts of mascara on her eyelashes without it smudging, since her eyes are closed; maybe they just glued false ones on and have been letting the glue either crumble or turn into cement on her eyelids. How are they keeping the lipstick from smudging on the tube in her mouth? Kendall may not be moving on her own, but she would have to be turned occasionally, which would jostle the tube.

Wouldn't all that makeup make Kendall more susceptible to infections, particularly since she would have to have had her immune system suppressed to try to ward off rejecting the transplanted heart? That HAS to be against the rules! I also have to wonder if anyone is brushing her teeth. How DO they take care of teeth for comatose/unconscious people?

I could not BELIEVE it when Erica threw snow on Bianca. WTF? That is SOOO out-of-character! I can see Erica, in a snit, throwing snow on just about ANYBODY but BIANCA! She would never, NEVER do that unless she was flat-out shit-faced drunk, and she probably wouldn't even do it THEN! She MIGHT do it to Kendall, but Bianca???? NO. FUCKING. WAY. (And Bianca was nowhere NEAR hysterical)

Now that I've seen the penthouse again with daylight, I can see the stereo speakers next to the fireplace -- so Greenlee and Ryan DID have sex and sleep naked in the living room ... AGAIN ... despite having Emma just upstairs.

Who's watching Fusion while all the key women are at the bridal shower (with the exception of comatose Kendall), Petey? Maybe it's a weekend.

Why haven't we seen Colby at PVU? Did she drop out?

Wow, that was QUITE a slap Reese's mother gave her! I had to back up and rewatch it because at first glance I thought she had PUNCHED her. Part of that impression was the sound effects, though.

Robin "THAT will probably be the catalyst for Reese and Zach to have comfort sex" Coutellier

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