Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BC - Tue, 1/27/09

How many of you about choked when Ryan said that the doctor was breaking patient care laws? Ya think? Just the fact that she goes over and tells Ryan AND GREENLEE (who has NO relation or legal standing as far as Annie's mental health goes) tells me she's breaking MAJOR doctor/patient confidentiality rules. Should she even be telling Ryan any of this at this point, considering that he's divorcing Annie? What IS his legal standing in the matter?

On the issue of bad psychiatric facilities, it just occurred to me that the vent that Annie and Aidan use to talk back and forth between their rooms looks like it has some really SHARP metal edges. Just the thing to slice oneself upon, should the mood strike. Oddly, the slats face outward in BOTH rooms, even though there appears to be only one set of slats. Then, of course, there is the RIDICULOUS idea that there would be a vent there in the first place where patients could not only easily communicate, taunt or influence each other, but they can overhear whatever goes on in the next room, whether it be whispered confessions of deep, dark secrets or just someone jacking off because they're bored and horny. For that matter, they could have "vent sex" together. TOTALLY bogus premise!

When Brot met David, he introduced himself and then started telling David (without being prompted) about what happened to him in Iraq. I was expecting David to bust his chops and say something like: "Did I ASK you what happened? Shut up, do your job and don't speak to me unless spoken to!" He did at least tell Brot not to expect any favors, so it wasn't TOO much out of character.

Man, Erica missed a GOLDEN opportunity to skewer (so to speak) Greenlee when she mentioned getting Greenlee a set of knives for a wedding present and Greenlee responded by saying she knew just where to put them and not to tempt her. Erica is back at work after having been STABBED by Annie. She could have easily ripped Greenlee a new one for being so insensitive and won the round!

How does ANYTHING ever get done at Fusion? Greenlee shows up whenever she feels like it, which isn't often these days. She waltzes in at what is apparently close to (or past) lunchtime -- it's hard to tell. She tells Erica that she's got everything covered. She doesn't even KNOW anything since she's rarely there, so how can she have it covered? So Petey and Randi take off to get Chinese food. Erica, Bianca and Reese take off to try on wedding dresses. Frankie shows up to smooch with Randi and Greenlee magnanimously tells Randi to go ahead and take off. Then she tells Petey to do the same. Amanda goes AWOL. It's a Tuesday and there's only a little over two weeks until Valentine's Day -- you'd think a cosmetics place would be busy. Of course, they haven't even submitted their Valentine's advertising yet, although the deadline is today (and Greenlee will OBVIOUSLY miss that deadline). Don't they advertise in magazines? Magazines publish their issues a couple of MONTHS in advance. Idiotic. And here we were slightly impressed when they actually did a photo shoot more than a month in advance, as silly as that photo shoot was. Of course, those photos had to be jettisoned on account of Randi being an (inadvertent) amateur porn star, but you'd think they would have come up with something a little sooner than THIS. Doesn't matter -- Greenlee has her own advertising ideas that she hasn't shown anyone but Amanda, and she didn't do that until after Erica left. For that matter, if it was SOOO important to get the advertising submitted on time, why did Erica leave? Everything is supposedly riding on her keeping her daughter's company together for her, but she just leaves to give opinions on wedding dresses.

I just realized I'm now used to seeing Petey without his glasses. He's so cute!

Speaking of golden opportunities, Amanda missed a PERFECT opportunity to projectile vomit all over David. Now THAT'S a damn shame!

Why would Tad set up a meeting in the guise of being someone else in a place where he is VERY well known? I'm surprised 15 people haven't stopped by his table to say: "Hi Tad!"

Yup, Dr. Sinclair WAS in love with Richie and it sounds like he was one of her patients. It's hard to imagine how she could sit there with a straight face and talk about how patients need to be heard and what a strong bond, even love, a shrink has with a patient. All I've seen her do is be nasty and yell at her patients. I'm starting to have fond memories of Annie smashing Dr. Sinclair's face into the top of the pointy dresser. It appears I've developed quite the hate-on for this bitch. Maybe it's the dark eyebrows with the blonde hair. Is it supposed to be a subliminal message that an evil person lurks beneath a light exterior, or just a fashion choice?

Robin "it makes me think she just keeps applying more and more eyebrow pencil on top of yesterday's eyebrow pencil until she has a waxy buildup" Coutellier

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