Monday, January 19, 2009

BC - Mon, 1/19/09

Who lets a 4-yr-old drive a motorized car IN THE LIVING ROOM? Don't they have a ballroom (or at least a Rec/Wreck room) for that? Talk about not setting BOUNDARIES!

How long will it be before Little Adam gets the notion in his head to try to drive the replacement Duesenberg (given that Krystal blew up his father's previous Duesenberg)?

Why is Adam BURNING Little Adam's car? What I can only imagine the kind of toxic fumes that are now permeating the house! I think taking it outside and using a sledgehammer would have been just as effective.

Is Erica LEGALLY Josh's next of kin? She's his biological mother, but she aborted (or THOUGHT she had aborted) him early in the pregnancy. His mad scientist foster-father saved her fetus and implanted it in his wife and Josh was raised as their son. Madden was murdered and Josh was accepted, more or less, into both the Kane and Martin families, but was anything done LEGALLY? Unless something has been legally remedied in the meantime, I don't see how Erica IS the next of kin. Even if she is, isn't Jeff Martin ALSO the next of kin since he is the bio-father? For that matter, did Josh designate that his organs should be donated in the event that he dies?

Robin "are there any rooftop kiddie pools in the afterlife?" Coutellier

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