Saturday, June 25, 2011

BC - Thu-Fri, 6/23-24/11

Frankie highly recommends Maya as a babysitter for his little sister. Based on WHAT? He doesn't know anything about her other than that she seems nice, is a hard worker and recently gave away a baby. Neither he, Angie nor Maya realize that Lucy is Maya's biological child.

Why didn't Griff walk a few extra steps and put Madison on a bed instead of a leather sofa?

Griff carried Madison back to Kendall's place. Presumably they got in a vehicle at some point. Now Madison is leaving in Kendall's borrowed clothes; she just walks away. How is she planning to get to work (which is where she says she's going)? 

Robin "is the show going to go out with a bang?" Coutellier

BC - Wed, 6/22/11

I think it's ironic that Greenlee and others are wearing jewelry they (and we) would have sneered at on Opal not long ago. Fashion is so fickle.

If the important presentation is about to happen so soon, why was Randi just strolling in the park (all the better to happen upon Madison snoozing on a bench)?

If the presentation is so important, Madison's idea or not, why would they change plans at the last second to have Madison do it just to make her feel better? It's not like she's prepared for it.

Shouldn't the new Fusion Mommy line be touted as being healthy and non-toxic without pointing out that their OTHER products ARE probably toxic, especially given the tainting incident that almost bankrupted them? Just sayin'.

When Jake finds out Amanda and JAR had sex, will he call her a slut/whore again?

Don't doctors have to be on-call to be paged?  Jake gets paged in practically every scene. Does that mean he is perpetually on-call?

Robin "who was watching Trevor when Jake & Amanda were at JAR's and Opal was at Tad's?" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 6/21/11

David on camera: "The pain that I have suffered in my life has given me a tremendous amount of empathy." OH, BARF!

Amanda to Jake: "If JAR wants me to work, I can't exactly just blow him off." That's EXACTLY what she did: blow him

Jake tells Amanda that their relationship is his priority and NOTHING is more important. He has to go to the hospital to find out more about David, but they'll talk about EVERYTHING and get back on track when he gets back. Amanda thought bubble: "Yeah, whatever--LEAVE!  I need to douche."

Caleb is looking ... refreshed. He's probably making plans for post-September.

Erica has had two live births, been stabbed and shot in the abdomen. I know Dr. Fascionella was able to fix the scar with the iron rod that went through Erica's cheek after her Phantom of the Opera bit, but how is Jane going to be able to duplicate ALL of those things. Once Jack gets her in bed, he IS going to notice something is different.

Amanda tells Jake that she already KNOWS he slept with Cara.  Jake: "No, I DIDN'T!"

Robin "oopsie" Coutellier

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BC - Mon, 6/20/11

In a hospital scene on Hot In Cleveland, they paged Dr. Bender, whom we often hear being paged at PVH Susan Lucci has played herself on the show several times, and she got another shoutout on the 6/22 show.

Does Greenlee have too much Fusion Gloppity-Goo in her hair or does she need a shampoo real bad?  PLEASE tell me that's not the new fashion!

Why would anyone care if a celebrity recommended that a notorious doctor who has committed numerous crimes and lost his license more than once be reinstated? As for the hospital, how can the liability the hospital takes on POSSIBLY be worth less than a celebrity's opinion? Even more than that, how can an INSURANCE COMPANY, whose only stake it in it is profit, allow it? For that matter, can just ANYBODY buy a hospital simply because they have the money? Wouldn't that have to have some sort of official approval? Erica is a convicted felon (more than once). Would she be ALLOWED to own a hospital? She's an addict and a baby-stealing, embezzling, constantly-on-trial celebrity.

At some point, there will be two Erica's in a room and her loved ones will have to decide which is which. So what can Erica ask them to ask her that only SHE would know? Maybe Jack will have to reveal that VERY special thing he likes her to do in the bedroom (you know, diaper him, burp him and sing him a lullaby), or possibly that doggie collar thing, given that he's such a lapdog.

I loved it that when David walked in and started to taunt Jake, Jake said:  "Hello, ASS!"  All things considered that must be soapspeak for "Hello, F**KFACE!"

Annnnnd here it comes ... Amanda and Jake start making out in the hotel room and then they have sex. Did anyone NOT see that coming from a light-year away? It's not quite grief sex, but certainly consolation sex (as JAR so eloquently described it). I hope they gave each other STDs.

Is Amanda still not using birth control? I didn't think so. Does she not have the slightest memory of what happened the LAST time she got pregnant? I didn't think so. And the last time she was pregnant JAR was one of the baby daddy candidates! And how do they plan to resolve this, given that the show is ending in September? Are they going to FF 20 years so we know how things turned out for everyone, or will they just leave it dangling?

Robin "Erica would NEVER use notecards to remember her speech" Coutellier

Sunday, June 19, 2011

BC - Fri, 6/17/11

Way to go JAR - yell at eBabe for not immediately falling into bed with you and accuse her of wanting to be with Scott instead. Newsflash:  MOST women would want to be with Scott, penniless as he is, than with an ASSHOLE like YOU.

Robin "if they put them together when AMC ends, I'll BARF" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 6/15-16/11

[NOTE, my previously BC headed as Wednesday, 6/15/11, was actually for Tuesday, 6/14/11]

Opal: "I mean, I used to have trouble understanding the mechanics behind Dippity-Do!"   As I was a child in the 1960s, it brought back memories (although even as a child I pretty much understood the mechanics of it - it was like jello for hair).

Okay, Tad and the blue hair? That's just plain stupid on SO many levels. I can see if they went blond, shoe-polish black, carrot orange, or even if it all burnt off in patches - all of that would have had a comic factor. Halloween blue, OTOH, falls completely flat for me. There is no WAY Tad would have left the house with blue hair. Either a) he would have shaved it off first, b) he would have Opal apply another color or otherwise try to alter it from Halloween blue, or c) he would have had her get him a wig/toupee. Going to the Yacht Club with blue hair to meet Cara is just plain stupid and NOT funny.

Jesus, does Amanda go to PVH EVERY SINGLE DAY to make out with her husband? Grow UP, Amanda!

Robin "I really don't want to see my doctor slobbering & pawing over someone while I'm waiting for him to help me make a major medical decision" Coutellier

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BC - Tue, 6/14/11

Why haven't Opal's psychic sensors gone off with Erica?

It's ridiculous that Erica's own daughters and her long-time lover/husband/lover cannot tell that the person they are with is NOT Erica? Kidnapping and traumatization doesn't explain it. When you are with someone THAT long, you know how they BREATHE, you know EVERY nuance, you can tell who they are by the way they walk, stand, sit, talk and eat.  No amount of studying how a person does things can  prepare a person to pass for someone else with the people that know the person they are impersonating better than anyone. I know, I know, IOAS.

Why would a baptism start when the godfather hadn't arrived yet?  It's not like it's a bus that needs to be on schedule. The pastor might need to be on schedule, but if the godfather is not there, he's not there and a resched is in order.

Wow, Madison sure got her figure back FAST!

Opal is going to color Tad's hair in the LIVING ROOM?  Totally RIDIC!

Robin "Oh Puh-leeze!" Coutellier

Saturday, June 11, 2011

BC - Fri, 6/10/11

Why is Liza always wrapped up so tight in her clothes?  She always looks like if a thread pulled loose her clothes would explode off of her like a broken rubberband. To me, it doesn't look sexy so much as it looks exceptionally binding, like a Victorian corset. It's ironic that the previous (and original) incarnation of Liza was always extremely conservative in her dress to the point where she often looked dowdy and sexless in loose, gray or black suits. Even her wedding dress was a loose kimono that looked like a wide-necked bathrobe.

Amazing! The Free Clinic actually had a PATIENT! 

Robin "yup, an intervention for Erica/Jane is coming; I can SMELL it" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 6/9/11

I just had a thought that might tie some people together.  The black guy (let's call him NoName for now) guarding and feeding Erica might be the father of Maya's baby, although he looks a little old for it.  Maya, who lives with her drunken, uncaring aunt, might be the little girl in Jane's precious photo. Jane seems to have something on NoName; he certainly has some kind of allegiance to her, coerced or not. Maybe he and she both feel responsible for Maya's disappearance/alienation, however that came about. Colby thinks of Erica as her idol (making Erica into Erica Idol :-) . Colby is getting friendlier with Maya. Asher just came home after being hurt in the explosion that Jane arranged. Caleb was with him.  Colby gave Asher the keys to one of her cars.

Will all of these players somehow join together in a series of coincidences leading to the discovery of Erica in the kidnapper's lair and of Jane's discovery of Maya, and NoName's discovery that Maya had been pregnant with their child, and that Brot rescued the baby she abandoned who is probably somewhere in Pine Valley?

Robin "the mind boggles" Coutellier

Thursday, June 9, 2011

BC - Tue-Fri, 5/31-6/3

[I thought I had posted this, but apparently it was still in draft form. Oops! Sorry about that. I'm so caught up in the Casey Anthony murder trial that I didn't notice it until now!]

Ricky joins the ranks of all the ladies in PV.  Despite everything that happened the night before, not a single hair on his head is out of place.

Amanda whines that Jake never did anything really bad like SHE did.  For instance, she called Immigration on Cara and she tried to get pregnant without telling him.  She left out a couple of other oopsies, like being paid to get JAR, a known alcoholic on the wagon, to take a drink, and poisoning the Chandler's Thanksgiving pumpkin soup (or was that JaNut?) and pretending to be hit by JAR's car.

Ryan decides to let go of his anger and remarry Greenlee.  Damn!  Does this mean we will be subjected to yet ANOTHER wedding between the two?  Ugh.

They're going to let Griff off the hook for STEALING DRUGS because it was for charitable causes.  He still STOLE them when he had other means to get the drugs and possibly caused a shortage at PVH for people who needed them right there.  I call BOGUS.

Jack to Opal re Erica:  "... but what really concerns me is that I think she's running on fumes."  Opal:  "Well, she's has always had a lot more gas than the rest of us."  :-)  That cracked me up because a very long time ago I made a post alluding to something like that.  The original post was not kept by Google, but I made a post in 2007 that referenced a 2003 post that referenced the original:  "Many years ago I said that, just once, I'd like to see a scene where Erica walks out of the bathroom, looking beautiful and feminine as her diaphonous negligee wafts around her while she broadly waves her arms and warns her lover:  "Do NOT go in there!""

Jane keeps drinking alcohol.  She'll probably be committed to the Betty Ford Clinic. 

Doesn't Cara have any actual PATIENTS at the free clinic? 

Robin "it's FREE; you'd think people would be lining up for it" Coutellier