Thursday, June 9, 2011

BC - Tue-Fri, 5/31-6/3

[I thought I had posted this, but apparently it was still in draft form. Oops! Sorry about that. I'm so caught up in the Casey Anthony murder trial that I didn't notice it until now!]

Ricky joins the ranks of all the ladies in PV.  Despite everything that happened the night before, not a single hair on his head is out of place.

Amanda whines that Jake never did anything really bad like SHE did.  For instance, she called Immigration on Cara and she tried to get pregnant without telling him.  She left out a couple of other oopsies, like being paid to get JAR, a known alcoholic on the wagon, to take a drink, and poisoning the Chandler's Thanksgiving pumpkin soup (or was that JaNut?) and pretending to be hit by JAR's car.

Ryan decides to let go of his anger and remarry Greenlee.  Damn!  Does this mean we will be subjected to yet ANOTHER wedding between the two?  Ugh.

They're going to let Griff off the hook for STEALING DRUGS because it was for charitable causes.  He still STOLE them when he had other means to get the drugs and possibly caused a shortage at PVH for people who needed them right there.  I call BOGUS.

Jack to Opal re Erica:  "... but what really concerns me is that I think she's running on fumes."  Opal:  "Well, she's has always had a lot more gas than the rest of us."  :-)  That cracked me up because a very long time ago I made a post alluding to something like that.  The original post was not kept by Google, but I made a post in 2007 that referenced a 2003 post that referenced the original:  "Many years ago I said that, just once, I'd like to see a scene where Erica walks out of the bathroom, looking beautiful and feminine as her diaphonous negligee wafts around her while she broadly waves her arms and warns her lover:  "Do NOT go in there!""

Jane keeps drinking alcohol.  She'll probably be committed to the Betty Ford Clinic. 

Doesn't Cara have any actual PATIENTS at the free clinic? 

Robin "it's FREE; you'd think people would be lining up for it" Coutellier

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