Saturday, June 11, 2011

BC - Thu, 6/9/11

I just had a thought that might tie some people together.  The black guy (let's call him NoName for now) guarding and feeding Erica might be the father of Maya's baby, although he looks a little old for it.  Maya, who lives with her drunken, uncaring aunt, might be the little girl in Jane's precious photo. Jane seems to have something on NoName; he certainly has some kind of allegiance to her, coerced or not. Maybe he and she both feel responsible for Maya's disappearance/alienation, however that came about. Colby thinks of Erica as her idol (making Erica into Erica Idol :-) . Colby is getting friendlier with Maya. Asher just came home after being hurt in the explosion that Jane arranged. Caleb was with him.  Colby gave Asher the keys to one of her cars.

Will all of these players somehow join together in a series of coincidences leading to the discovery of Erica in the kidnapper's lair and of Jane's discovery of Maya, and NoName's discovery that Maya had been pregnant with their child, and that Brot rescued the baby she abandoned who is probably somewhere in Pine Valley?

Robin "the mind boggles" Coutellier

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