Saturday, June 25, 2011

BC - Tue, 6/21/11

David on camera: "The pain that I have suffered in my life has given me a tremendous amount of empathy." OH, BARF!

Amanda to Jake: "If JAR wants me to work, I can't exactly just blow him off." That's EXACTLY what she did: blow him

Jake tells Amanda that their relationship is his priority and NOTHING is more important. He has to go to the hospital to find out more about David, but they'll talk about EVERYTHING and get back on track when he gets back. Amanda thought bubble: "Yeah, whatever--LEAVE!  I need to douche."

Caleb is looking ... refreshed. He's probably making plans for post-September.

Erica has had two live births, been stabbed and shot in the abdomen. I know Dr. Fascionella was able to fix the scar with the iron rod that went through Erica's cheek after her Phantom of the Opera bit, but how is Jane going to be able to duplicate ALL of those things. Once Jack gets her in bed, he IS going to notice something is different.

Amanda tells Jake that she already KNOWS he slept with Cara.  Jake: "No, I DIDN'T!"

Robin "oopsie" Coutellier

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