Thursday, June 23, 2011

BC - Mon, 6/20/11

In a hospital scene on Hot In Cleveland, they paged Dr. Bender, whom we often hear being paged at PVH Susan Lucci has played herself on the show several times, and she got another shoutout on the 6/22 show.

Does Greenlee have too much Fusion Gloppity-Goo in her hair or does she need a shampoo real bad?  PLEASE tell me that's not the new fashion!

Why would anyone care if a celebrity recommended that a notorious doctor who has committed numerous crimes and lost his license more than once be reinstated? As for the hospital, how can the liability the hospital takes on POSSIBLY be worth less than a celebrity's opinion? Even more than that, how can an INSURANCE COMPANY, whose only stake it in it is profit, allow it? For that matter, can just ANYBODY buy a hospital simply because they have the money? Wouldn't that have to have some sort of official approval? Erica is a convicted felon (more than once). Would she be ALLOWED to own a hospital? She's an addict and a baby-stealing, embezzling, constantly-on-trial celebrity.

At some point, there will be two Erica's in a room and her loved ones will have to decide which is which. So what can Erica ask them to ask her that only SHE would know? Maybe Jack will have to reveal that VERY special thing he likes her to do in the bedroom (you know, diaper him, burp him and sing him a lullaby), or possibly that doggie collar thing, given that he's such a lapdog.

I loved it that when David walked in and started to taunt Jake, Jake said:  "Hello, ASS!"  All things considered that must be soapspeak for "Hello, F**KFACE!"

Annnnnd here it comes ... Amanda and Jake start making out in the hotel room and then they have sex. Did anyone NOT see that coming from a light-year away? It's not quite grief sex, but certainly consolation sex (as JAR so eloquently described it). I hope they gave each other STDs.

Is Amanda still not using birth control? I didn't think so. Does she not have the slightest memory of what happened the LAST time she got pregnant? I didn't think so. And the last time she was pregnant JAR was one of the baby daddy candidates! And how do they plan to resolve this, given that the show is ending in September? Are they going to FF 20 years so we know how things turned out for everyone, or will they just leave it dangling?

Robin "Erica would NEVER use notecards to remember her speech" Coutellier

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