Sunday, June 19, 2011

BC - Wed-Thu, 6/15-16/11

[NOTE, my previously BC headed as Wednesday, 6/15/11, was actually for Tuesday, 6/14/11]

Opal: "I mean, I used to have trouble understanding the mechanics behind Dippity-Do!"   As I was a child in the 1960s, it brought back memories (although even as a child I pretty much understood the mechanics of it - it was like jello for hair).

Okay, Tad and the blue hair? That's just plain stupid on SO many levels. I can see if they went blond, shoe-polish black, carrot orange, or even if it all burnt off in patches - all of that would have had a comic factor. Halloween blue, OTOH, falls completely flat for me. There is no WAY Tad would have left the house with blue hair. Either a) he would have shaved it off first, b) he would have Opal apply another color or otherwise try to alter it from Halloween blue, or c) he would have had her get him a wig/toupee. Going to the Yacht Club with blue hair to meet Cara is just plain stupid and NOT funny.

Jesus, does Amanda go to PVH EVERY SINGLE DAY to make out with her husband? Grow UP, Amanda!

Robin "I really don't want to see my doctor slobbering & pawing over someone while I'm waiting for him to help me make a major medical decision" Coutellier

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