Saturday, June 25, 2011

BC - Wed, 6/22/11

I think it's ironic that Greenlee and others are wearing jewelry they (and we) would have sneered at on Opal not long ago. Fashion is so fickle.

If the important presentation is about to happen so soon, why was Randi just strolling in the park (all the better to happen upon Madison snoozing on a bench)?

If the presentation is so important, Madison's idea or not, why would they change plans at the last second to have Madison do it just to make her feel better? It's not like she's prepared for it.

Shouldn't the new Fusion Mommy line be touted as being healthy and non-toxic without pointing out that their OTHER products ARE probably toxic, especially given the tainting incident that almost bankrupted them? Just sayin'.

When Jake finds out Amanda and JAR had sex, will he call her a slut/whore again?

Don't doctors have to be on-call to be paged?  Jake gets paged in practically every scene. Does that mean he is perpetually on-call?

Robin "who was watching Trevor when Jake & Amanda were at JAR's and Opal was at Tad's?" Coutellier

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