Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BC - Tue, 6/14/11

Why haven't Opal's psychic sensors gone off with Erica?

It's ridiculous that Erica's own daughters and her long-time lover/husband/lover cannot tell that the person they are with is NOT Erica? Kidnapping and traumatization doesn't explain it. When you are with someone THAT long, you know how they BREATHE, you know EVERY nuance, you can tell who they are by the way they walk, stand, sit, talk and eat.  No amount of studying how a person does things can  prepare a person to pass for someone else with the people that know the person they are impersonating better than anyone. I know, I know, IOAS.

Why would a baptism start when the godfather hadn't arrived yet?  It's not like it's a bus that needs to be on schedule. The pastor might need to be on schedule, but if the godfather is not there, he's not there and a resched is in order.

Wow, Madison sure got her figure back FAST!

Opal is going to color Tad's hair in the LIVING ROOM?  Totally RIDIC!

Robin "Oh Puh-leeze!" Coutellier

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