Monday, May 30, 2011

BC - Wed-Thu, 5/25-26/11

Why does Maya not want to wear a "summer uniform"?  JAR mentioned that they have them and she said she had thin bones and catches cold easily.  Both his question and her answer were way out of left field, so there has to be a purpose.  The thing that comes into my mind first is that maybe she has a history of cutting herself and doesn't want anyone to see scars or fresh cuts.

For being unconscious (or even asleep) while tied together, back-to-back with Marissa and sitting up on the floor, Bianca is holding her head relatively upright with remarkable ease and control.

Tad said it took 15 minutes for him to find a parking space to go into Krystal's.    No one EVER has trouble finding a parking space in Pine Valley.  In any case, most of the time they use the PV Transporter to simply dematerialize/materialize from one place to another.  It's the only explanation to account for how they get from one place to another not only within a couple of minutes, but within SECONDS.  Maybe they are all holograms. 

I WILL say, however, that at one point they had some stock footage they used of downtown PV, which was quite quaint, and there WAS bumper-to-bumper traffic on their narrow, 2-lane Main Street.  That was back in the late-70s/early-80s timeframe, I think.  And, of course, they later went through their downtown-PV-is-really-downtown-Manhattan phase where looking down from the roof of the Chandler building (as Leslie Coulson dangled from it) showed a six-lane boulevard, jam-packed with honking cars and buses -- at night.  BTW, Leslie not only survived the fall of MANY stories, she sneaked out of the Emergency Room when no one was looking, although she WAS somewhat shaky, stiff and limping.

Erica is surprised that the Valley Inn Dining Room is empty -- it's just for THEM!  Why would she be surprised (yes, I know it's Jane, not Erica); no one goes there anymore to eat or drink, and anyone who needs lodgings goes to the Yacht Club. 

Jane trying to pull herself together to handle Bianca at the hospital was kind of odd.  She kept telling herself "She's NOT your daughter, she's NOT your daughter..."  Did Jane lose a daughter, and does it have anything to do with Erica or someone close to Erica?  You would think she would be chanting to herself to BELIEVE Bianca was her daughter so that she could act in at least a semi-appropriate manner.

Ricky should have done his homework.  Kendall DOES have experience with guns.

Robin "she's had her hands on half the guns in town" Coutellier

Sunday, May 29, 2011

BC - Mon-Tue, 5/23-24/11

Tidbit:  The wrapper on the money band in the video of Ricky and Diana showed that it was from Eden Falls Casino.  It appears it was a casino that was abruptly put out of business, presumably due to Ricky and Diana's dealings.

Ricky is such a PIG!  Push, push, push on the surprise (even to the bride) wedding!

How could they get married on the spur of the moment in PV?  Have the laws changed?  Back in the day, people who wanted to elope had to go over state lines to Elk Green because there was no waiting period there.

Krystal has had just a touch too much Botox recently.  She's visibly having difficulty moving the muscles around her mouth as much as she would naturally do.

I can't believe how far Kendall always allows things to go. 

Misheard Line as Jane tells Jack (about the wedding:
  • What I heard:  "And instead of rice, we can throw FECES or even glitter!"
  • What she actually said:  "And instead of rice, we can throw CZs or even glitter!"
Robin "I have no idea what CZs are" Coutellier

Sunday, May 22, 2011

BC - Fri, 5/20/11

They killed off a BABY?  Assholes!  Yeah, they've killed off babies before (Ann Tyler Martin's baby, Donna Cortlandt's baby, Gloria's baby and David's baby), but at least there was a certain amount of storyline leading up to it.  This was pretty abrupt, IMO.  There was SOME story leading up to it, but not much.  Will Madison be dusting off her bookends?  If I were Greenlee, I'd watch my back!

How DARE they not tell Madison when the baby contracted pneumonia!  So now we have TWO babies that have died in a very short period of time with very little notice.  WTH is THAT about???  Thank goodness no one else is pregnant on the show!  Otherwise, how many babies WOULD they kill off before September?

Robin "it's going to put a big wrench into the Ryan Greenlee equation, though" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 5/19/11

Today's product placement:  Emma suggested that her baby sister be named Tinkerbell, who happens to be a Disney character.

The doctor made a big deal about how easy it is for a baby on a respirator to get an infection and asked if Madison and Ryan had each scrubbed for at least 10 minutes.  So why aren't they wearing masks?  Okay, so only the hands are going into the incubator.  I still think they should be wearing masks.

Did anyone else think it was hilarious that Jane was remembering back to her plastic surgery and wearing bandages around most of her face, yet she was wearing heavy eye makeup? 

Robin "she was probably wearing FMPs, too" Coutellier

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BC - Tue, 5/17/11

Another tell for Jane:  she often uses the word "gonna".  Erica often uses the phrase "going to", but NEVER "gonna".

Wow, Dixie sure does get around, doesn't she?  She's dead, she's not dead, she's dead, she's not dead.  I'm beginning to think that the only way to kill her off is to put a wooden stake through her heart, encase her in a silver suit of armor bedecked with a nice garlic necklace with a crucifix pendant, and plop her down smack in the middle of a desert at high noon (with the visor of the helmet open).  Not that I WANT her to be dead, but DAYUM!  What does it take to keep her down?  It's like AMC is playing Whack-A-Mole with her.

Things that MUST happen before the last day of AMC:

  • Erica MUST have one HELL of a hot flash!  Show OWES it to her long-time fans.
  • Jesse MUST come clean about the baby.
  • Ryan MUST die.  For real.  Or perhaps every woman he has ever hurt (including ghosts) lines up with baseball bats, pliers, blowtorches, etc.
  • Greenlee MUST be gagged.
  • Kendall MUST gain 20 lbs.
  • Erica MUST wear some Reeboks or other brand athletic shoes.
  • Jack MUST tell Erica what a spoiled, immature BRAT she is and always has been.  Again.  Sigh.  He DOES tell her that every now and then and it never makes a difference.  Okay, scratch that.
  • David MUST tie someone to the railroad tracks (preferably Greenlee) AND twirl a mustache.
  • Angie MUST get her sight back.
  • Amanda MUST tell Jake that she has never REALLY forgiven him for calling her a slut.
Robin "Kendall can have some of my extra pounds" Coutellier

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AMC - Boogie Chillen, Moday - 5-16-11

See signature for links to Boogie Chillens on the web.

Why does Griff always sound like he's on the verge of crying? If he really WAS about to cry, how would we know?

Obviously the teenage boy at the ... whatever it is Griff is staying in ... is NOT Enzo or Max Santos.

Erica doesn't usually call Jack "Darling". Of course, we know that that is NOT Erica. Ooh, ooh! What if ... what if that's shortened to (don't blame me for the nightmares) DACK? Who called Jack Dack? That Kit Fisher Person (aka TKFP), that's who. TKFP is Jack's little sister. Erica always disdainfully referred to her that way, so we did, too. No, I'm not suggesting that TKFP is about to commit inc**t. I'm thinking along the lines of a FRIEND of TKFP who always had a crush on Jack from afar. Of course, that crush would have to go WAY back since TKFP was presumed drowned at sea at about 6 years old, but maybe it's someone who met him after TKFP came back into his life as an adult.

Madison looks FABULOUS for someone who just crashed her car, went into premature labor and then had a cesarian section and just woke up from it.

Faux Erica (Ferica?) luxuriates in Erica's bed and marvels at how "classy" it is. I don't think her being awestruck by it was so much that it was expensive and sumptuous as it was that it was ERICA'S. As it was pointed out, if she can afford all the elaborate things she's done so far, she can certainly afford expensive furniture and linens. She wants the THE LIFE.

Robin "and Darling Jack" Coutellier

Monday, May 16, 2011

BC - Fri, 5/13/11

Apparently Erica's new place is right next to the Yacht Club because there were only a few seconds between Kendall warning Griff that Ricky was coming back to his room and the time the doorknob started to turn.

Did anyone die in the explosion?  Does anyone care?  If one of the doppelganger's died or was injured and the other one is alive, will anyone at all think to take a DNA sample?  It's not like anyone thought of that when AJ and Miranda were born, kidnapped and switched.

Now Spike's Mommy's Mommy has a doppelganger who shall not be named.  If she takes Erica's place, THAT is what will trip her up with everyone else!

Robin "when she says 'Come to Grandma, Spikey!'" Coutellier

BC - Thu, 5/12/11

Bianca asks Spike who he was talking to (Erica).  He answers:  "Your Mommy."


That is such a BLATANT avoidance of the G-Word that it's utterly RIDICULOUS!  Does Spike even have a NAME, ***ANY*** name for his Grandma?  Is her only appelation in his eyes Mommy's Mommy or Auntie Bianca's Mommy, or Daddy's Former Girlfriend, or Miranda's Mommy's Mommy, or Auntie Greenlee's Former Stepmother and Arch-Enemy, or Mommy's Former Boyfriend's and Husband's and Lover's Former Girlfriend, or Grandpa Jack's Girlfriend and Ex-Wife and Fiance, or Auntie Opal's Best Gal Pal, or Auntie Bianca's Dead Daddy's Former Wife, or Ian's Dead Daddy's Former MIL, or the Satin Slayer's Son's MIL, or Co-CEO of Cortlandt Electronics, or the Woman Once Known As Deseree Of The Desert, or simply That Old Lady Who Won't Tell Me Her Name And Keeps Coming Around?

Jesse is being a little paranoid.  Liza is ALWAYS at Fusion for one reason or another.  She did almost ALL her business there for a very long time.  If anything, HE is inadvertently following HER.

I LOVE how David said Ryan and Greenlee's precious moonstones looked more like jelly beans! 

Huh?  Who the hell is THAT?  The character is being played by Susan Lucci and the closed-captioning refers to her as "Erica's Doppelganger".  Does Erica have a long-lost sister or identical cousin?  I suppose it could be JaNut, but the voice had NO indication that it was JaNut in all this time, and JaNut would not be able to pull that off for so long without slipping, although she DID successfully impersonate her own sister AND she tried to make herself over to replace Brooke, despite being at least 6" taller than Brooke.  It's awfully late in the game for Erica to have an evil twin after 40 years, but I guess it's now or never if that's always been her dream job. 

Robin "will Opal be able to tell the difference" Coutellier

BC - Tue-Wed, 5/10-11/11

Today's product placement:  Cheerios (with a prize inside)

Those were interesting shoes Cara brought to rough it on a DWB stint (we saw them when Jake remembered her standing in front of him in a tent as she was wearing a matching bra and panties with her platform shoes.  I'm they they came in  handy when she had to slog through mud and over rocks to get to wounded people.  Okay, he did mention that it was their wedding day (he was dressed in a grubby t-shirt, loose casual pants and dog tags).  I have to say, though, that her bra DID seem to match the color of his t-shirt.

Asher creates an updated Cortlandt Electronics website (because the multi-national conglomerate doesn't already have one).  He puts bios of Caleb and Erica on the site, too.  Erica's photo, ever professional, pretty much says "LOOK AT MY BOOBS!"  I know that's the only thing that truly gives me TOTAL confidence in Cortlandt Electronics; it's all *I'LL* ever need when it comes to putting my consumer electronic needs, corporate electronic needs, and investment funds into the company.

Ryan tells Madison that he doesn't want her to be stressed at ALL; that's why he plans to micromanage her doctor appointments and probably everything else in her life from here on out.

Why do addicts in Pine Valley always have decanters out at all times?

They missed a golden opportunity when Emma asked Greenlee if she was okay.  Greenlee (lying) said:  "Good."  Emma SHOULD have said:  "Really.  I think you're miserable and I'm REALLY glad!"  What she DID say was:  "Good.  Me, too."  I'm pretty sure they meant she was not upset that Ryan and Greenlee's problem wasn't about her this time, but if they really wanted to, they could spin it that Emma was okay, too, because she knew Greenlee was on Ryan's shit-list.

Semi-TAN:  I like how Jack mentioned jury selection and how people thought he was a fool of a lawyer (because he let Erica dump him like that).  As many of you know, I'm following the Casey Anthony trial now and they are still in the process of jury selection, so it's on my mind.  BTW, one idiot of a juror in that case decided that he could get out of jury duty by talking to a news crew about it (even going so far as to tell them that's WHY he was talking to them about it.  He DID get out of jury duty.  He was also convicted of Contempt of Court and fined $450 and repeatedly blasted by the judge on national TV, and then physically escorted to the clerk's office to take care of paperwork and make arrangements to pay it off.  He'd get away with it at the Pine Valley courthouse.

Robin "but jury selection in real life is a whole 'nother story" Coutellier

Friday, May 13, 2011

BC - Mon, 5/9/11

Is anyone else struck by how often spouses and sweethearts visit their loved ones at the hospital or other places of work?  Have you ever seen that in real life?  Yes, people occasionally will visit at their SO's place of work, particularly if it's an informal place, such as Krystal's but normally that would be frowned upon if it happened on a regular basis (even at Krystal's, if the person visiting was, for instance, the busperson's girlfriend or wife).  It's unprofessional.  It seems like Amanda goes to the hospital and makes out with Jake on a near-daily basis.

Tad thinks Cara has too much time on her hands because she alphabetized the spice rack.  What's wrong with that?  It can be difficult to find a particular spice; most of the containers look pretty much alike, after all.  The better stores alphabetize them.  I realize he's just antsy and thinks Cara would never think to do something like that if she weren't antsy, too, but I thought I'd throw in my opinion about alphabetizing spices :-)  Since they are both antsy, perhaps they should consider that they are both HORNY and just DO something about it.

Whatever the tabloid magazine is that eBabe is holding up, it costs $4.49 in Canada.  Are tabloids really THAT expensive nowadays?  Sheesh, how do they stay in business?  Who can afford to regularly buy them at THAT price.  I remember when they used to cost about 35 cents (which is about the last time I bought one).

Not only does the Yacht Club have rooms that only have flimsy louvered closet doors on each guest room (a long-time pet peeve of mine, as many of  you know), but the handles apparently don't have locks, either.

I see Griff is still wearing his Unibomber "yeah, I'll blend" disguise.

Wow, I did NOT expect it at ALL when Miranda got upset at school because a classmate called her mother a "Lezzie".  Is that going to be a whole storyline to try to keep viewers through September, or was it just an opportunity for eBabe and Bianca to bond over what a good Mom Bianca is?

I think Cara should be arrested for insisting on visiting the sick child against the parents' express wishes.  At the very LEAST she's probably trespassing.  Then the father walks in and finds Cara lovingly caressing his little girl's face!  I would go BALLISTIC if I were him!  If they don't have a restraining order on her yet, they should get one pronto so she CAN be arrested the next time.  It doesn't matter if the child wants her to visit!  Yeah, it's a sad situation, but it's none of Cara's business, particularly when she's already suffered repercussions for prior contact with the child.  Since Jake LET her do it after only giving lip-service to keeping her away from the child, both he and the hospital should be SUED!

Robin "in a much better mood today" Coutellier

BC - Thu-Fri, 5/5-6/11

Hmmm, I don't think Colby would have had someone to strongarm Erica and inject her with drugs, so I'll amend my guess that Colby is behind the kidnapping.  Unless she has a split personality (aka dissociative identity disorder), of course.  OTOH, the speaking style DOES sound like Colby.  And then there's the nailpolish on the fingers transcribing everything Erica was saying.  You know how Colby likes to use her laptop.  The hands looked a little older than those that would belong to Colby, but they could use anyone's hands for that part.  Almost everything the person says sounds like Colby.  Except for that Canadian "I'm sore-ry".

Why does the mayor need to use LIZA to get rid of Jesse? She's been gunning for Jesse since  before Liza became DA.

Considering he was shivved and had to have his spleen removed, that was a pretty low blow (literally) Kendall gave to Griff!  Ungrateful BITCH!

Did ABC have to pay Johnson & Johnson for permission to use the brand name "Band-Aid" (which is clearly showed in CC) instead of a generic adhesive bandage?  Or did J&J have to pay ABC for the promotion?

Jack sits on the bed and fondles one of Erica's discarded scarves.  He tells Bianca he thought they had overcome all our issues.  Given the way he was fondling the scarf, am I the only one who imagined he was remembering how one or the other of them tied the other one up with the scarf as part of their sex play?  Just me?  Never mind ...

Considering how often Emma calls a cab, is it really a wise idea for her to be sleeping over at a friend's?  I wouldn't be surprised if she booked a flight to France -- and was able to travel there without anyone questioning her.  Not that Ryan or Greenlee are even remotely capable of keeping an eye on the little princess.

For people with no money, Madison and Scott sure do eat a lot of takeout.

Rebecca Buddig is still barely making any facial expressions.  She has no spark anymore.  None.

Robin "the cancellation news should be showing in performances any day now (but RB had no more spark BEFORE that)" Coutellier

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BC - Wed, 5/4/11

LOD 1:
Erica rails at her kidnapper, saying Jack NEEDS to know she still wants to marry him.  The kidnapper sarcastically says "He'll wait."  Erica thinks she buys another clue and says:  "Is that what this is about?  You're JEALOUS? ... Brooke?

LOD 2:

Erica decides it's probably not Brooke and wonders if it's Annie.  Then she muses that it's not Annie's style.  Annie would just stab her again.

I thought it was funny that Opal told Krystal to keep her hands and her cleavage to herself while working for Jack.  Today is one of the rare occasions when Krystal is NOT flaunting her cleavage.

Ryan goes to the hospital for yet another ultrasound on the baby.  He inadvertently finds out that Greenlee knew about the baby way back on Christmas Eve, and she even helped Madison hide it from him.  The ultrasound appt, in the meantime, was postponed, so Madison is still hanging around in a hospital gown when Scott comes in to ask her how it went.  She said Ryan left to confront Greenlee.  That tells you where Ryan's priorities are.  He's more intent on blasting Greenlee for not telling him about the baby than he is on actually SEEING the baby.

Erica pretends to faint to try to get the kidnapper to either come in or get help or whatever.  The kidnapper tries to get a verbal response from her, but she just lies there.  Then the camera shows Erica open her eyes wide with an aren't-I-clever look.  Well, my goodness, Erica, if you were THAT clever, you'd remember that the kidnapper has cameras on you and it's more than a little possible he/she could SEE you open your eyes with your aren't-I-clever look.

Ryan confronts Greenlee about not telling him that Madison was pregnant with his baby.  She tells him, among other things, about how she wanted a perfect life of wedded bliss with him, just for a little while.  Ryan says, with disbelief:  "You have THAT little faith in me?"  Hmmm, Ryan shacked up with her best friend almost immediately after she "died" and not long after that, he started screwing her best friend's mother, who also happened to be Greenlee's arch-enemy.  She, OTOH, married EVERYONE'S arch-enemy to stick it to Ryan and her father and everyone else for seemingly forgetting her existence the second she flew off the motorcycle on one of their many other wedding days.  Neither one of them has faith in each other, and with good reason.

Robin "They BOTH are hurting now.  Good." Coutellier

BC - Tue, 5/3/11

When Ricky was telling himself that "Tonight is the night; everything changes," they started playing background piano music.  At first, I thought it was the beginning of the Cowsills' song "(I Love) The Flower Girl" (aka "The Rain, The Park & Other Things")  That got me to thinking they were about to do a daydream sequence (they did that in "Dumb & Dumber", which is probably why I thought of it), showing them walking hand-in-hand, strolling through (what else), the park, picking flowers, sharing adoring glances, riding horseback, sharing a string of spaghetti and meeting lips in the middle, giving each other gifts and laughing because they each gave the other the same thing, etc.  Oh, and there would be a wind machine.  On the one hand, I'm glad they didn't do that because I might have, you know, PUKED.  OTOH, it would have been pretty funny (even though they probably would have been sued by some entity associated with "Dumb & Dumber").  I mean, if they're going to chuck the show, ANYway, they might as well have fun with it.  As it was, the piano music morphed into something vaguely suspenseful/ominous (and I do mean VAGUEly).

Ricky is apparently living at the Yacht Club.  Don't his parishioners wonder where he gets the money for that?  The way people move in there for long periods of time makes me wonder if they compete with Motel 6 or The Pine Cone Motel rates. 

I felt kind of bad for VI having to suck in his belly as he put his shirt on.  I'm surprised he didn't sound like he was passing a joint after taking a toke and continuing to talk.  BREATHE, Baby, we LIKE a little something to hold onto!

Did it occur to anyone, anyone at all, that maybe someone should take Emma and her little uniform *BACK TO SCHOOL*?

Kendall calls Bianca "Binx" (a name I first saw suggested by a RATS poster way back when Bianca was a baby, BTW).  Ryan calls Emma "Ems".  Adam Chandler II is "JR" (aka JAR, but I'm apparently the only one who calls him that (but only because that's how Babe always pronounced his name)), and Adam Chandler III is now called "AJ" (after an entire baby name book's list of other names).  Angela Hubbard is "Angie".  Franklin is Frankie.  Has anyone ever called Kendall "Dolly", "Kenny" or  "Dull"? [even I will admit that she is rarely the latter]

Whoa, did you see Maya giving Jesse the appreciative up-and-down onceover as he walked away from her?  Makes me wonder if the baby's father is old enough to be HER father.  I'm hoping it was MEANT to convey "Gosh, what a nice guy" and not "I'd jump him like a kangaroo on a trampoline!"

Ok, how many of you think the kid Griff found snooping is Max Santos (or possibly Enzo)?  It's kind of pointless to introduce semi-new characters at this point, but in this case it could be an opening to bring back Hayley and Maturdo one more time before the show ends.

Robin "so Mateo can, once again, remind us how much he takes after his father, Hector" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 5/2/11

I TOTALLY want to see Opal wear one of them there forehead-bound "fascinator" hats like those seen in the royal wedding last week.  She's an absolute natural for any one of them!  In fact, I'm kind of amazed we HAVEN'T seen her wear one so far (actually, we have, just not ones as ostentatious as those at the royal wedding).  Now that it's dubiously fashionable, though, we are probably more likely to see Erica (or possibly Greenlee, although she's been dressed down lately) wearing one.

Royal wedding hats (my particular fascination is with the blue hat in picture #11):

Since they are throwing in the towel anyway, I want to see Erica not only be called a Grandma (to her FACE), but I want her to do a "Ladypants" commercial   Those of you who watch "Hot In Cleveland" may remember that Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick), the fired soap diva (who considers Susan Lucci to be her arch enemy) desperately needed a job and finally gave in to an offer to do a commercial in Japan for incontinence slacks.  The YouTube of the resulting faux-commercial doesn't NEARLY convey the jokes from the show that resulted partly from the Japanese/English translation of instructions and descriptions!

Did you notice the sign on the wall when Scott and Madison were discussing possible delivery room attendees?  It simply stated:  CORRIDOR.  Um, isn't that kind of obvious?  It's not like it was "Corridor A", "Follow The Yellow Stripe" or the "Cindy Chandler Memorial Corridor" or anything like that.  It's like having a sign that says "hallway" or "road" just in case someone is confused and thinks they are in a living room or perhaps a backyard.

I almost barfed when Ricky told Opal that maybe it's the way that Kendall looks at him ("you") as if he's ("you're") the most important person in the world.  Huh?  The most important person in Kendall's world is Kendall.  I don't know if he's just schmoozing Opal, though, or if he believes that.

Oh, so there IS a cabbie in Pine Valley with enough common sense to realize that an 8-yr-old is too young to call and use a cab without any adult supervision whatsoever, no matter how much cash she flashes?  OTOH, Emma CALLED for a cab.  Unless there was an automated menu or she used a computer or smartphone to schedule the pickup, that means a dispatcher didn't think twice about sending a cabbie (with God knows WHAT kind of criminal background) to pick up someone who was quite obviously a child.

Stuart OWNED the gatehouse.  Wouldn't Scott own it now (although it could have been taken as part of his restitution for the Chandler fiasco)? 

JAR tells AJ that the Chandler mansion will always be safe (after a tree falls on the gatehouse).  Did he just chime the death knell for the Chandler mansion?  Are they going to blow it up (or away) by September, like Krystal blew up JAR's Duesenburg?

AJ and eBabe are going to fly a kite.  Is someone about to be electrocuted?  [Okay, I'll admit to be slightly more willing than usual to accept and even suggest/embrace grisly scenarios on AMC from here on out, but HEY!  *I'M* not the one who crashed a tree onto the beloved gatehouse.]

eBabe finally agrees to move in with JAR, but ONLY until she finds her own place to move into.  Is there a housing shortage in Pine Valley?  Why doesn't she just go find a place to move into?  Everyone else moves into the Yacht Club when they need a place to live, so why doesn't she just move in there again?  Lame, lame, lame.

Greenlee tells Emma that the two of them are both kind of alike.  Emma:  "Yeah, you told me we were both BRATS."    She's going to be dressing Goth, piercing body parts, getting tattoos, and chain-smoking any day now :-)

Robin "GO EMMA!" Coutellier

Monday, May 2, 2011

BC - Fri, 4/29/11

Kendall discusses with Bianca how they are deceiving Ricky in order to trap him.  Then she says she sees him and has to go.  She takes TEN steps (I counted) to get to where he's already seated on a blanket.  Later she has the NEVER to criticize Griffin for getting too close -- he was farther away than SHE was when she was on the phone.  She has the brain of a flea!

Oh, Griff doesn't look suspicious at ALL in his sunglasses and pulled-up hoodie on a warm spring day.  That is, if you don't think someone who looks like the guy on The Unibomber wanted poster looked suspicious.

The kidnapper told Erica that Krystal couldn't hold a candle to HER.  Hmm, Colby really LIKES Krystal, so I'm not so sure she would say that.  OTOH, it's not like the writers have stayed true to the natures of various characters, anyway, so I'll stick with Colby still as my kidnapper-guessing de jour, although with slightly less conviction than I did in the last Boogie Chillen.

They DID mention Mike Roy, while pointedly NOT showing his photo.  OTOH, they mentioned all of Erica's husbands as she turned through the album made by the kidnapper.  I think THIS episode was written with the knowledge that the show had been cancelled, which makes me think at least ONE of the writers knew it had been cancelled before it had been announced since Erica had already been kidnapped right around the time they announced it. 

I like how they've consistently shown Erica's favorite food to be risotto.  It's a small thing, but it's a nice touch.  Too bad they can't remember the BIG things.  For instance, Erica has been known to get claustrophobic.  Remember her meltdown while she was in solitary confinement?

Why did they announce that AMC and OLTL will be cancelled when they weren't going to take them off the air for several months?  Maybe it was going to leak, especially if they were not renewing actors' contracts.  It's hard to watch commercials touting AMC and OLTL knowing that the shows have been cancelled.  It's like, what's the point?  If anything, it tempts me to stop watching altogether (I'm not going to do that until the bitter end, but if I'm a diehard fan and that's what I'm feeling, what about people who aren't as committed to the show?).  Yeah, they need advertisers and advertisers need viewers, but it's like a slap in the face every time they tell us to tune in to new and exciting episodes.

Robin "which makes me want to slap Fronz even harder" Coutellier

BC - Wed-Thu, 4/27-28/11

Oh, so a change of clothes WAS provided for Erica.

If Erica thinks Krystal's food is so bad, why does she eat there so often?

Here's a thought:  What if the kidnapper is COLBY?  She seemed to have completely missed the new maid, Maya, for two weeks, as if she hasn't even been home.  She greatly admires Erica, knows a lot about her and considers her to be a GREAT a role model.  Colby certainly has been traumatized lately.  It was when the voice responded to Erica's question asking if the kidnapper had had a bad day, and the way the voice said "not a good one" that made me think of Colby.  Colby also lived with Krystal for a long time and worked in her restaurant, so she may cook some things the same way, hence the resemblance of Krystal's cooking of the food served to Erica.  Erica was married twice to Adam.  Colby would have the means to build the bunker, although I don't know how she would know what Ercia's bedroom looks like.  And then there's her snarky comments about Erica bailing on her probably wedding being a GOOD and empowering thing to do.  Yup, my money is on Colby at this point.  Why?  Because she's gone off the deep end and wants to know even more about what it takes to BE Erica Kane, plus she wants to save her from marrying Jack who is, after all, only another damn man.  Colby is a little disillusioned about men at the moment.  Erica will thank her in the long run.

When the kidnapper's voice said he/she would keep bringing different kinds of foods until Erica finds something she can't resist, did any of you think of "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" and wonder if he was going to put a canary or a rat on a plate for her?

Robin "is it soup yet?" Coutellier

Sunday, May 1, 2011

BC - Mon, 4/25/11

Is it my imagination or did they change the way the outside entrance to the Chandler mansion looks?  I noticed walls with latticework opposite the door and a low hedge that I don't recall being there before.  It was more open before this.  Also, Bianca and the kids entered from the side (to our left).  Before I'm pretty sure there was a wall (part of the mansion) there.  Has the mansion become part of a condo development now?

Scott tells Emma that he talked to Marissa about the treasure hunt, and it turns out that eBabe is going to be "Plantin' booty all over the place".  Really?  I guess eBabe is really getting around now that she's divorced.

Kendall and Ricky are at Fusion.  He said HIS first choice was a quiet night by the fire.  She says:  "Well, it's kind of quiet here ...".  She says this as the thumpa-thumpa music plays in the background.  What must go on in her head all day that thumpa-thumpa music sounds quiet?  Of course, we actually DID hear what was going on in her head this time.  She called Ricky a murderer and made other remarks inside her head about him being a fake and doing whatever he had to do to cozy up to people.

Uh, what just happened at the Chandler mansion while Kendall and Ricky were quietly talking over thumpa-thumpa music?  One minute AJ was telling Emma that her mommy hurt people, nobody likes her and no one wants her around.  The next time we see the children, they are all cheering and laughing about the upcoming treasure hunt.  I was expecting Emma to, at the very least, have an outburst, and, at the most, pull out a knife or strangle him -- you know, like Mother, like Daughter.

Wait a second.  It gets right down to the wire, the children are sent out to hunt treasure booty, and eBabe asks the new maid to go watch them?  Isn't that supposed to be a videocam moment for parents?  I know the Easter Egg hunt we had in our backyard on Easter was, and several parents and others were watching.  You had to watch FAST, though, because the little ones were like shrieking little vacuum cleaners ferreting out the plastic, candy-filled eggs in the yard and swooping them up with glee (5 kids from 2-7 years old, including a pair of 3-yr-old twins). 

Robin "it's something our grandparents would have done for us and it brings back loving memories" Coutellier

1957 - (that's me in the forefront)