Monday, May 16, 2011

BC - Tue-Wed, 5/10-11/11

Today's product placement:  Cheerios (with a prize inside)

Those were interesting shoes Cara brought to rough it on a DWB stint (we saw them when Jake remembered her standing in front of him in a tent as she was wearing a matching bra and panties with her platform shoes.  I'm they they came in  handy when she had to slog through mud and over rocks to get to wounded people.  Okay, he did mention that it was their wedding day (he was dressed in a grubby t-shirt, loose casual pants and dog tags).  I have to say, though, that her bra DID seem to match the color of his t-shirt.

Asher creates an updated Cortlandt Electronics website (because the multi-national conglomerate doesn't already have one).  He puts bios of Caleb and Erica on the site, too.  Erica's photo, ever professional, pretty much says "LOOK AT MY BOOBS!"  I know that's the only thing that truly gives me TOTAL confidence in Cortlandt Electronics; it's all *I'LL* ever need when it comes to putting my consumer electronic needs, corporate electronic needs, and investment funds into the company.

Ryan tells Madison that he doesn't want her to be stressed at ALL; that's why he plans to micromanage her doctor appointments and probably everything else in her life from here on out.

Why do addicts in Pine Valley always have decanters out at all times?

They missed a golden opportunity when Emma asked Greenlee if she was okay.  Greenlee (lying) said:  "Good."  Emma SHOULD have said:  "Really.  I think you're miserable and I'm REALLY glad!"  What she DID say was:  "Good.  Me, too."  I'm pretty sure they meant she was not upset that Ryan and Greenlee's problem wasn't about her this time, but if they really wanted to, they could spin it that Emma was okay, too, because she knew Greenlee was on Ryan's shit-list.

Semi-TAN:  I like how Jack mentioned jury selection and how people thought he was a fool of a lawyer (because he let Erica dump him like that).  As many of you know, I'm following the Casey Anthony trial now and they are still in the process of jury selection, so it's on my mind.  BTW, one idiot of a juror in that case decided that he could get out of jury duty by talking to a news crew about it (even going so far as to tell them that's WHY he was talking to them about it.  He DID get out of jury duty.  He was also convicted of Contempt of Court and fined $450 and repeatedly blasted by the judge on national TV, and then physically escorted to the clerk's office to take care of paperwork and make arrangements to pay it off.  He'd get away with it at the Pine Valley courthouse.

Robin "but jury selection in real life is a whole 'nother story" Coutellier

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