Monday, May 16, 2011

BC - Thu, 5/12/11

Bianca asks Spike who he was talking to (Erica).  He answers:  "Your Mommy."


That is such a BLATANT avoidance of the G-Word that it's utterly RIDICULOUS!  Does Spike even have a NAME, ***ANY*** name for his Grandma?  Is her only appelation in his eyes Mommy's Mommy or Auntie Bianca's Mommy, or Daddy's Former Girlfriend, or Miranda's Mommy's Mommy, or Auntie Greenlee's Former Stepmother and Arch-Enemy, or Mommy's Former Boyfriend's and Husband's and Lover's Former Girlfriend, or Grandpa Jack's Girlfriend and Ex-Wife and Fiance, or Auntie Opal's Best Gal Pal, or Auntie Bianca's Dead Daddy's Former Wife, or Ian's Dead Daddy's Former MIL, or the Satin Slayer's Son's MIL, or Co-CEO of Cortlandt Electronics, or the Woman Once Known As Deseree Of The Desert, or simply That Old Lady Who Won't Tell Me Her Name And Keeps Coming Around?

Jesse is being a little paranoid.  Liza is ALWAYS at Fusion for one reason or another.  She did almost ALL her business there for a very long time.  If anything, HE is inadvertently following HER.

I LOVE how David said Ryan and Greenlee's precious moonstones looked more like jelly beans! 

Huh?  Who the hell is THAT?  The character is being played by Susan Lucci and the closed-captioning refers to her as "Erica's Doppelganger".  Does Erica have a long-lost sister or identical cousin?  I suppose it could be JaNut, but the voice had NO indication that it was JaNut in all this time, and JaNut would not be able to pull that off for so long without slipping, although she DID successfully impersonate her own sister AND she tried to make herself over to replace Brooke, despite being at least 6" taller than Brooke.  It's awfully late in the game for Erica to have an evil twin after 40 years, but I guess it's now or never if that's always been her dream job. 

Robin "will Opal be able to tell the difference" Coutellier

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