Sunday, May 29, 2011

BC - Mon-Tue, 5/23-24/11

Tidbit:  The wrapper on the money band in the video of Ricky and Diana showed that it was from Eden Falls Casino.  It appears it was a casino that was abruptly put out of business, presumably due to Ricky and Diana's dealings.

Ricky is such a PIG!  Push, push, push on the surprise (even to the bride) wedding!

How could they get married on the spur of the moment in PV?  Have the laws changed?  Back in the day, people who wanted to elope had to go over state lines to Elk Green because there was no waiting period there.

Krystal has had just a touch too much Botox recently.  She's visibly having difficulty moving the muscles around her mouth as much as she would naturally do.

I can't believe how far Kendall always allows things to go. 

Misheard Line as Jane tells Jack (about the wedding:
  • What I heard:  "And instead of rice, we can throw FECES or even glitter!"
  • What she actually said:  "And instead of rice, we can throw CZs or even glitter!"
Robin "I have no idea what CZs are" Coutellier

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