Monday, May 16, 2011

BC - Fri, 5/13/11

Apparently Erica's new place is right next to the Yacht Club because there were only a few seconds between Kendall warning Griff that Ricky was coming back to his room and the time the doorknob started to turn.

Did anyone die in the explosion?  Does anyone care?  If one of the doppelganger's died or was injured and the other one is alive, will anyone at all think to take a DNA sample?  It's not like anyone thought of that when AJ and Miranda were born, kidnapped and switched.

Now Spike's Mommy's Mommy has a doppelganger who shall not be named.  If she takes Erica's place, THAT is what will trip her up with everyone else!

Robin "when she says 'Come to Grandma, Spikey!'" Coutellier

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