Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BC - Wed, 5/4/11

LOD 1:
Erica rails at her kidnapper, saying Jack NEEDS to know she still wants to marry him.  The kidnapper sarcastically says "He'll wait."  Erica thinks she buys another clue and says:  "Is that what this is about?  You're JEALOUS? ... Brooke?

LOD 2:

Erica decides it's probably not Brooke and wonders if it's Annie.  Then she muses that it's not Annie's style.  Annie would just stab her again.

I thought it was funny that Opal told Krystal to keep her hands and her cleavage to herself while working for Jack.  Today is one of the rare occasions when Krystal is NOT flaunting her cleavage.

Ryan goes to the hospital for yet another ultrasound on the baby.  He inadvertently finds out that Greenlee knew about the baby way back on Christmas Eve, and she even helped Madison hide it from him.  The ultrasound appt, in the meantime, was postponed, so Madison is still hanging around in a hospital gown when Scott comes in to ask her how it went.  She said Ryan left to confront Greenlee.  That tells you where Ryan's priorities are.  He's more intent on blasting Greenlee for not telling him about the baby than he is on actually SEEING the baby.

Erica pretends to faint to try to get the kidnapper to either come in or get help or whatever.  The kidnapper tries to get a verbal response from her, but she just lies there.  Then the camera shows Erica open her eyes wide with an aren't-I-clever look.  Well, my goodness, Erica, if you were THAT clever, you'd remember that the kidnapper has cameras on you and it's more than a little possible he/she could SEE you open your eyes with your aren't-I-clever look.

Ryan confronts Greenlee about not telling him that Madison was pregnant with his baby.  She tells him, among other things, about how she wanted a perfect life of wedded bliss with him, just for a little while.  Ryan says, with disbelief:  "You have THAT little faith in me?"  Hmmm, Ryan shacked up with her best friend almost immediately after she "died" and not long after that, he started screwing her best friend's mother, who also happened to be Greenlee's arch-enemy.  She, OTOH, married EVERYONE'S arch-enemy to stick it to Ryan and her father and everyone else for seemingly forgetting her existence the second she flew off the motorcycle on one of their many other wedding days.  Neither one of them has faith in each other, and with good reason.

Robin "They BOTH are hurting now.  Good." Coutellier

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