Friday, May 13, 2011

BC - Thu-Fri, 5/5-6/11

Hmmm, I don't think Colby would have had someone to strongarm Erica and inject her with drugs, so I'll amend my guess that Colby is behind the kidnapping.  Unless she has a split personality (aka dissociative identity disorder), of course.  OTOH, the speaking style DOES sound like Colby.  And then there's the nailpolish on the fingers transcribing everything Erica was saying.  You know how Colby likes to use her laptop.  The hands looked a little older than those that would belong to Colby, but they could use anyone's hands for that part.  Almost everything the person says sounds like Colby.  Except for that Canadian "I'm sore-ry".

Why does the mayor need to use LIZA to get rid of Jesse? She's been gunning for Jesse since  before Liza became DA.

Considering he was shivved and had to have his spleen removed, that was a pretty low blow (literally) Kendall gave to Griff!  Ungrateful BITCH!

Did ABC have to pay Johnson & Johnson for permission to use the brand name "Band-Aid" (which is clearly showed in CC) instead of a generic adhesive bandage?  Or did J&J have to pay ABC for the promotion?

Jack sits on the bed and fondles one of Erica's discarded scarves.  He tells Bianca he thought they had overcome all our issues.  Given the way he was fondling the scarf, am I the only one who imagined he was remembering how one or the other of them tied the other one up with the scarf as part of their sex play?  Just me?  Never mind ...

Considering how often Emma calls a cab, is it really a wise idea for her to be sleeping over at a friend's?  I wouldn't be surprised if she booked a flight to France -- and was able to travel there without anyone questioning her.  Not that Ryan or Greenlee are even remotely capable of keeping an eye on the little princess.

For people with no money, Madison and Scott sure do eat a lot of takeout.

Rebecca Buddig is still barely making any facial expressions.  She has no spark anymore.  None.

Robin "the cancellation news should be showing in performances any day now (but RB had no more spark BEFORE that)" Coutellier

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