Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BC - Mon, 5/2/11

I TOTALLY want to see Opal wear one of them there forehead-bound "fascinator" hats like those seen in the royal wedding last week.  She's an absolute natural for any one of them!  In fact, I'm kind of amazed we HAVEN'T seen her wear one so far (actually, we have, just not ones as ostentatious as those at the royal wedding).  Now that it's dubiously fashionable, though, we are probably more likely to see Erica (or possibly Greenlee, although she's been dressed down lately) wearing one.

Royal wedding hats (my particular fascination is with the blue hat in picture #11):

Since they are throwing in the towel anyway, I want to see Erica not only be called a Grandma (to her FACE), but I want her to do a "Ladypants" commercial   Those of you who watch "Hot In Cleveland" may remember that Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick), the fired soap diva (who considers Susan Lucci to be her arch enemy) desperately needed a job and finally gave in to an offer to do a commercial in Japan for incontinence slacks.  The YouTube of the resulting faux-commercial doesn't NEARLY convey the jokes from the show that resulted partly from the Japanese/English translation of instructions and descriptions!

Did you notice the sign on the wall when Scott and Madison were discussing possible delivery room attendees?  It simply stated:  CORRIDOR.  Um, isn't that kind of obvious?  It's not like it was "Corridor A", "Follow The Yellow Stripe" or the "Cindy Chandler Memorial Corridor" or anything like that.  It's like having a sign that says "hallway" or "road" just in case someone is confused and thinks they are in a living room or perhaps a backyard.

I almost barfed when Ricky told Opal that maybe it's the way that Kendall looks at him ("you") as if he's ("you're") the most important person in the world.  Huh?  The most important person in Kendall's world is Kendall.  I don't know if he's just schmoozing Opal, though, or if he believes that.

Oh, so there IS a cabbie in Pine Valley with enough common sense to realize that an 8-yr-old is too young to call and use a cab without any adult supervision whatsoever, no matter how much cash she flashes?  OTOH, Emma CALLED for a cab.  Unless there was an automated menu or she used a computer or smartphone to schedule the pickup, that means a dispatcher didn't think twice about sending a cabbie (with God knows WHAT kind of criminal background) to pick up someone who was quite obviously a child.

Stuart OWNED the gatehouse.  Wouldn't Scott own it now (although it could have been taken as part of his restitution for the Chandler fiasco)? 

JAR tells AJ that the Chandler mansion will always be safe (after a tree falls on the gatehouse).  Did he just chime the death knell for the Chandler mansion?  Are they going to blow it up (or away) by September, like Krystal blew up JAR's Duesenburg?

AJ and eBabe are going to fly a kite.  Is someone about to be electrocuted?  [Okay, I'll admit to be slightly more willing than usual to accept and even suggest/embrace grisly scenarios on AMC from here on out, but HEY!  *I'M* not the one who crashed a tree onto the beloved gatehouse.]

eBabe finally agrees to move in with JAR, but ONLY until she finds her own place to move into.  Is there a housing shortage in Pine Valley?  Why doesn't she just go find a place to move into?  Everyone else moves into the Yacht Club when they need a place to live, so why doesn't she just move in there again?  Lame, lame, lame.

Greenlee tells Emma that the two of them are both kind of alike.  Emma:  "Yeah, you told me we were both BRATS."    She's going to be dressing Goth, piercing body parts, getting tattoos, and chain-smoking any day now :-)

Robin "GO EMMA!" Coutellier

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