Monday, May 2, 2011

BC - Wed-Thu, 4/27-28/11

Oh, so a change of clothes WAS provided for Erica.

If Erica thinks Krystal's food is so bad, why does she eat there so often?

Here's a thought:  What if the kidnapper is COLBY?  She seemed to have completely missed the new maid, Maya, for two weeks, as if she hasn't even been home.  She greatly admires Erica, knows a lot about her and considers her to be a GREAT a role model.  Colby certainly has been traumatized lately.  It was when the voice responded to Erica's question asking if the kidnapper had had a bad day, and the way the voice said "not a good one" that made me think of Colby.  Colby also lived with Krystal for a long time and worked in her restaurant, so she may cook some things the same way, hence the resemblance of Krystal's cooking of the food served to Erica.  Erica was married twice to Adam.  Colby would have the means to build the bunker, although I don't know how she would know what Ercia's bedroom looks like.  And then there's her snarky comments about Erica bailing on her probably wedding being a GOOD and empowering thing to do.  Yup, my money is on Colby at this point.  Why?  Because she's gone off the deep end and wants to know even more about what it takes to BE Erica Kane, plus she wants to save her from marrying Jack who is, after all, only another damn man.  Colby is a little disillusioned about men at the moment.  Erica will thank her in the long run.

When the kidnapper's voice said he/she would keep bringing different kinds of foods until Erica finds something she can't resist, did any of you think of "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" and wonder if he was going to put a canary or a rat on a plate for her?

Robin "is it soup yet?" Coutellier

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