Thursday, May 19, 2011

BC - Tue, 5/17/11

Another tell for Jane:  she often uses the word "gonna".  Erica often uses the phrase "going to", but NEVER "gonna".

Wow, Dixie sure does get around, doesn't she?  She's dead, she's not dead, she's dead, she's not dead.  I'm beginning to think that the only way to kill her off is to put a wooden stake through her heart, encase her in a silver suit of armor bedecked with a nice garlic necklace with a crucifix pendant, and plop her down smack in the middle of a desert at high noon (with the visor of the helmet open).  Not that I WANT her to be dead, but DAYUM!  What does it take to keep her down?  It's like AMC is playing Whack-A-Mole with her.

Things that MUST happen before the last day of AMC:

  • Erica MUST have one HELL of a hot flash!  Show OWES it to her long-time fans.
  • Jesse MUST come clean about the baby.
  • Ryan MUST die.  For real.  Or perhaps every woman he has ever hurt (including ghosts) lines up with baseball bats, pliers, blowtorches, etc.
  • Greenlee MUST be gagged.
  • Kendall MUST gain 20 lbs.
  • Erica MUST wear some Reeboks or other brand athletic shoes.
  • Jack MUST tell Erica what a spoiled, immature BRAT she is and always has been.  Again.  Sigh.  He DOES tell her that every now and then and it never makes a difference.  Okay, scratch that.
  • David MUST tie someone to the railroad tracks (preferably Greenlee) AND twirl a mustache.
  • Angie MUST get her sight back.
  • Amanda MUST tell Jake that she has never REALLY forgiven him for calling her a slut.
Robin "Kendall can have some of my extra pounds" Coutellier

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