Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BC - Tue, 5/3/11

When Ricky was telling himself that "Tonight is the night; everything changes," they started playing background piano music.  At first, I thought it was the beginning of the Cowsills' song "(I Love) The Flower Girl" (aka "The Rain, The Park & Other Things")  That got me to thinking they were about to do a daydream sequence (they did that in "Dumb & Dumber", which is probably why I thought of it), showing them walking hand-in-hand, strolling through (what else), the park, picking flowers, sharing adoring glances, riding horseback, sharing a string of spaghetti and meeting lips in the middle, giving each other gifts and laughing because they each gave the other the same thing, etc.  Oh, and there would be a wind machine.  On the one hand, I'm glad they didn't do that because I might have, you know, PUKED.  OTOH, it would have been pretty funny (even though they probably would have been sued by some entity associated with "Dumb & Dumber").  I mean, if they're going to chuck the show, ANYway, they might as well have fun with it.  As it was, the piano music morphed into something vaguely suspenseful/ominous (and I do mean VAGUEly).

Ricky is apparently living at the Yacht Club.  Don't his parishioners wonder where he gets the money for that?  The way people move in there for long periods of time makes me wonder if they compete with Motel 6 or The Pine Cone Motel rates. 

I felt kind of bad for VI having to suck in his belly as he put his shirt on.  I'm surprised he didn't sound like he was passing a joint after taking a toke and continuing to talk.  BREATHE, Baby, we LIKE a little something to hold onto!

Did it occur to anyone, anyone at all, that maybe someone should take Emma and her little uniform *BACK TO SCHOOL*?

Kendall calls Bianca "Binx" (a name I first saw suggested by a RATS poster way back when Bianca was a baby, BTW).  Ryan calls Emma "Ems".  Adam Chandler II is "JR" (aka JAR, but I'm apparently the only one who calls him that (but only because that's how Babe always pronounced his name)), and Adam Chandler III is now called "AJ" (after an entire baby name book's list of other names).  Angela Hubbard is "Angie".  Franklin is Frankie.  Has anyone ever called Kendall "Dolly", "Kenny" or  "Dull"? [even I will admit that she is rarely the latter]

Whoa, did you see Maya giving Jesse the appreciative up-and-down onceover as he walked away from her?  Makes me wonder if the baby's father is old enough to be HER father.  I'm hoping it was MEANT to convey "Gosh, what a nice guy" and not "I'd jump him like a kangaroo on a trampoline!"

Ok, how many of you think the kid Griff found snooping is Max Santos (or possibly Enzo)?  It's kind of pointless to introduce semi-new characters at this point, but in this case it could be an opening to bring back Hayley and Maturdo one more time before the show ends.

Robin "so Mateo can, once again, remind us how much he takes after his father, Hector" Coutellier

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