Monday, May 30, 2011

BC - Wed-Thu, 5/25-26/11

Why does Maya not want to wear a "summer uniform"?  JAR mentioned that they have them and she said she had thin bones and catches cold easily.  Both his question and her answer were way out of left field, so there has to be a purpose.  The thing that comes into my mind first is that maybe she has a history of cutting herself and doesn't want anyone to see scars or fresh cuts.

For being unconscious (or even asleep) while tied together, back-to-back with Marissa and sitting up on the floor, Bianca is holding her head relatively upright with remarkable ease and control.

Tad said it took 15 minutes for him to find a parking space to go into Krystal's.    No one EVER has trouble finding a parking space in Pine Valley.  In any case, most of the time they use the PV Transporter to simply dematerialize/materialize from one place to another.  It's the only explanation to account for how they get from one place to another not only within a couple of minutes, but within SECONDS.  Maybe they are all holograms. 

I WILL say, however, that at one point they had some stock footage they used of downtown PV, which was quite quaint, and there WAS bumper-to-bumper traffic on their narrow, 2-lane Main Street.  That was back in the late-70s/early-80s timeframe, I think.  And, of course, they later went through their downtown-PV-is-really-downtown-Manhattan phase where looking down from the roof of the Chandler building (as Leslie Coulson dangled from it) showed a six-lane boulevard, jam-packed with honking cars and buses -- at night.  BTW, Leslie not only survived the fall of MANY stories, she sneaked out of the Emergency Room when no one was looking, although she WAS somewhat shaky, stiff and limping.

Erica is surprised that the Valley Inn Dining Room is empty -- it's just for THEM!  Why would she be surprised (yes, I know it's Jane, not Erica); no one goes there anymore to eat or drink, and anyone who needs lodgings goes to the Yacht Club. 

Jane trying to pull herself together to handle Bianca at the hospital was kind of odd.  She kept telling herself "She's NOT your daughter, she's NOT your daughter..."  Did Jane lose a daughter, and does it have anything to do with Erica or someone close to Erica?  You would think she would be chanting to herself to BELIEVE Bianca was her daughter so that she could act in at least a semi-appropriate manner.

Ricky should have done his homework.  Kendall DOES have experience with guns.

Robin "she's had her hands on half the guns in town" Coutellier

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