Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AMC - Boogie Chillen, Moday - 5-16-11

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Why does Griff always sound like he's on the verge of crying? If he really WAS about to cry, how would we know?

Obviously the teenage boy at the ... whatever it is Griff is staying in ... is NOT Enzo or Max Santos.

Erica doesn't usually call Jack "Darling". Of course, we know that that is NOT Erica. Ooh, ooh! What if ... what if that's shortened to (don't blame me for the nightmares) DACK? Who called Jack Dack? That Kit Fisher Person (aka TKFP), that's who. TKFP is Jack's little sister. Erica always disdainfully referred to her that way, so we did, too. No, I'm not suggesting that TKFP is about to commit inc**t. I'm thinking along the lines of a FRIEND of TKFP who always had a crush on Jack from afar. Of course, that crush would have to go WAY back since TKFP was presumed drowned at sea at about 6 years old, but maybe it's someone who met him after TKFP came back into his life as an adult.

Madison looks FABULOUS for someone who just crashed her car, went into premature labor and then had a cesarian section and just woke up from it.

Faux Erica (Ferica?) luxuriates in Erica's bed and marvels at how "classy" it is. I don't think her being awestruck by it was so much that it was expensive and sumptuous as it was that it was ERICA'S. As it was pointed out, if she can afford all the elaborate things she's done so far, she can certainly afford expensive furniture and linens. She wants the THE LIFE.

Robin "and Darling Jack" Coutellier

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