Sunday, May 1, 2011

BC - Mon, 4/25/11

Is it my imagination or did they change the way the outside entrance to the Chandler mansion looks?  I noticed walls with latticework opposite the door and a low hedge that I don't recall being there before.  It was more open before this.  Also, Bianca and the kids entered from the side (to our left).  Before I'm pretty sure there was a wall (part of the mansion) there.  Has the mansion become part of a condo development now?

Scott tells Emma that he talked to Marissa about the treasure hunt, and it turns out that eBabe is going to be "Plantin' booty all over the place".  Really?  I guess eBabe is really getting around now that she's divorced.

Kendall and Ricky are at Fusion.  He said HIS first choice was a quiet night by the fire.  She says:  "Well, it's kind of quiet here ...".  She says this as the thumpa-thumpa music plays in the background.  What must go on in her head all day that thumpa-thumpa music sounds quiet?  Of course, we actually DID hear what was going on in her head this time.  She called Ricky a murderer and made other remarks inside her head about him being a fake and doing whatever he had to do to cozy up to people.

Uh, what just happened at the Chandler mansion while Kendall and Ricky were quietly talking over thumpa-thumpa music?  One minute AJ was telling Emma that her mommy hurt people, nobody likes her and no one wants her around.  The next time we see the children, they are all cheering and laughing about the upcoming treasure hunt.  I was expecting Emma to, at the very least, have an outburst, and, at the most, pull out a knife or strangle him -- you know, like Mother, like Daughter.

Wait a second.  It gets right down to the wire, the children are sent out to hunt treasure booty, and eBabe asks the new maid to go watch them?  Isn't that supposed to be a videocam moment for parents?  I know the Easter Egg hunt we had in our backyard on Easter was, and several parents and others were watching.  You had to watch FAST, though, because the little ones were like shrieking little vacuum cleaners ferreting out the plastic, candy-filled eggs in the yard and swooping them up with glee (5 kids from 2-7 years old, including a pair of 3-yr-old twins). 

Robin "it's something our grandparents would have done for us and it brings back loving memories" Coutellier

1957 - (that's me in the forefront)

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