Monday, April 25, 2011

BC - Fri, 4/22/11

At Kendall's instructions, Cara drugs the guard to Griffin's room (I don't know WHY she had to do that -- it's not like he or any other guard has kept ANYONE out of Griff's room, although I suppose the made sure Griff stayed IN it.  I recall, however, that there was a guard outside of JaNut's room when she sneaked out of the 4th floor window (with the aid of a butterknife), climbed down the walls, scaled UP the walls to Will Cortlandt's apt, killed him with a crowbar, climbed back down the side of his apt building, scaled back up to her room and scampered back to bed, all without the guard having a clue she had left.  Oh, and she was 8.5 months (or more) pregnant with Amanda at the time and was in the hospital due to high blood pressure or something like that.  Yup, PVPD DOES have a tradition to uphold of shoddy policework.

So anyway, after Cara drugs the guard, she creates a diversion (in order for her brother to escape) by pulling the fire alarm.  In a HOSPITAL.  How despicable is THAT???  Never mind that there are hundreds of patients in the hospital, some, no doubt, with heart conditions. There are also, no doubt, babies in the Neonatal Unit who may have to be evacuated.  There are comatose people on respirators.  And all the hospital personnel now has to deal with whatever they have to deal with when a fire alarm goes off.

Why are so many police officers (not to mention the Chief Of Police) on the upper floor where Griff was?  Did they all respond to the fire alarm being pulled?  Why didn't the PV Fire Department respond?

Kendall tells Griff to leave; go saves lives -- and don't look back.  Is that supposed to be a veiled message to soap fans?

Kendall promises Griff that she won't take any unnecessary risks.  Really?  Has she MET herself?  From the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep (or is knocked unconscious or is comatose), she takes unnecessary risks.  She says that even as she insists she wants Ricky to look her in the face and tell her what he did, regardless of what that will entail.  How about getting him locked up (or otherwise permanently occupied) and THEN "making" him look her in the face and confessing?

Robin "thinking of the times my Mom & one-legged stepfather have been in the hospital & if a fire alarm had gone off" Coutellier

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