Monday, April 25, 2011

BC - Thu, 4/21/11

Reverend Ricky magically appears on Kendall's yacht and asks her if there's anything he can do to help.  Kendall:  "Yeah, do you have one of those dickie things they sell on TV?  I just realized how low-cut my dress is.

Potential kidnap suspects:
Vanessa Bennet
Brooke English
Mark Dalton
Eric Kane (no one ever really dies, after all)
The Easter Bunny
Reese Williams
Barbara Montgomery
Brian Frons

When Ryan kept asking Kendall who else might have been involved, who, who, who do you think is involved, did anyone else think of an owl?

I guess it didn't occur to Ryan yet that Ricky "married" him and Greenlee.  Of course, it's entirely possible that Ricky got one of them-there internet minister licenses.  I'm guessing, that he stole the identity of someone who WAS a minister.

Robin "so R&G's marriage would STILL be void -- heh, heh" Coutellier

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