Monday, April 11, 2011

BC - Thu, 4/7/11

Wow, I'm STUNNED!  Jake actually asked Cara to take MOMMY and baby into room 424 to make sure the baby is okay.  A PARENT being taken in with their infant?  In PINE VALLEY HOSPITAL???  Unheard of!  Oops, spoke too soon; there's Cara and Jake in a room with Lucy and Jesse and Angie are elsewhere in the hospital.

That Ricky is a hands-on kind of guy, isn't he?  They've said that he sabotaged Zach's plane, thus killing Zach, but showing him strangling a woman to death puts him in an even more sinister light.  He looks WAY too pretty and baby-faced to have led a life that includes murdering people with his bare hands.  Then again, the best serial killers are the ones no one would suspect.

David said that they (he and Liza) had 14 years of foreplay.  Does he mean that's how long they've known each other?  If so, that's odd because he delivered Colby at an inn when the roads were washed out.  They need to make up their mind as to how long he and Liza have known each other vs how old Colby is.

Will the mayor win the next election?  If she doesn't, how will David be able to hold a hammer over people's heads?

Robin "he'd probably find a way to make Liza the mayor" Coutellier

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