Monday, April 4, 2011

BC - Thu, 3/31/11

Cara calls Jake and tells him that Angie had the baby and it was not delivered in the hospital.  Jake tells Amanda (with whom he has been making out) about it.  Amanda says:  "You make calls, I'll drive!"  Then they leave.  Uh, where's Trevor?

This baby story is making me SICK!  Jesse and Angie's baby DIED, and not only does Jesse hand over the abandoned baby to her as their own, but he has Brot bury his bio daughter ... where?  A state park?

I know Jesse is overwhelmed and realizes he made a really stupid decision (and involved Brot in it), but this is SO wrong on SO many levels!  You'd think he would have at least thought back to when Frankie was a baby and his father-in-law was the kingpin of a baby-stealing/selling operation.  Jesse and Angie had to go through a lot just to get Frankie back after her father convinced her to give the baby up (he then SOLD Frankie).  The birth mother will want her baby back eventually and Jesse won't have a leg to stand on now that there is technology to identify DNA.  For that matter, for all they know, the birth mother was NOT the person who put the baby in the car.  What if someone stole her baby from HER and then did that?  They know NOTHING about the baby.

Jesse has to make this RIGHT!

Robin "he will, but how long will it take and will he be FORCED into it?" Coutellier

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