Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BC - Mon, 4/4/11

Okay, I can hear the montage song now for when the baby has to go back to its biological mother (during May sweeps?):  You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me, Lucille ...

What kind of cabbie (other than a child molester) picks up a 7-8-yr-old girl by herself, drops her off by herself with no intervention whatsoever by any adults?  And why aren't any of the adults questioning it?

Ryan makes Emma apologize to Greenlee and Greenlee says she doesn't have to and that it's partly her own fault for not keeping a better eye on Emma.  Bullshit!  It is NOT okay!  And no, Greenlee does NOT have to worry about Emma sneaking out again because Greenlee is going to have bars put on Emma's doors and windows so Emma isn't going ANYWHERE the next time she's alone with Greenlee. 

I LOVE that Emma is going off on Greenlee in that someone has to, but as a general rule, it's better to put the kibosh on that kind of behavior.  I would NEVER have gotten away with that when I was a kid, traumatized or not.  Given all Emma has been through with her interchangeable alternate parents, though, she's amazingly well-adjusted.  Even so, if I were Greenlee, I would take a pass on Emma making me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day.

Robin "Admit it -- how many of you have the song 'Lucille' going through your head now?" Coutellier

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