Monday, April 11, 2011

BC - Tue, 4/5/11

A good soap twist would be that Frankie had a one-night-stand with the baby's mother, so the baby would be his sister AND his daughter.  Plus it might make Randi leave him (and thus Pine Valley).  Of course, the baby's mother looks so young she could be underage; as unlikely as it would be for Frankie to have a one-night-stand, it would probably be too over-the-top for it to be with such a young girl/woman.

Amanda tells Jake that they don't need Cara's help in putting together baby furniture.  Really?  Well Cara's not the one wearing a tight skirt and heels to put furniture together.  All Amanda is doing is being eye-candy and handing over a screwdriver on occasion, while Cara is actually doing hands-on work.

How far is Amanda's jealousy of Cara going to go?

Robin "time to bring JaNut back into the picture" Coutellier

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