Friday, April 1, 2011

BC - Tue, 3/29/11

Remember back when Colby was with her friends (Dre, etc.) and Petey was hanging around her constantly?  They had a storyline that she had a drinking problem but then dropped it.  I'm kind of surprised they haven't restarted it what with her current problems.  If anything could drive someone to drink, it would be finding out that your mother had sex with the boy/man you loved.  OTOH, it's nice to see someone working through it without resorting to substances, not that airing one's dirty laundry on youtube or pvtube or whatever is particularly healthy.

It's ridiculous that Krystal is running a business, yet she's STILL Jack's paralegal (a job for which she has no qualifications whatsoever).

Caleb tells Erica that he's waited a long time to feel alive again.  He delivers the line with all the energy and passion of someone waiting for an article about pork futures to load on the CNN website.

Line Of The Day:
Jack explains how the dockworkers helped him rescue Krystal from the water.  Erica:  "Well, how lucky the FLEET was in!"    Meee-ow!

JAR tells AJ that his mother IS going to come back to the house an they'll all be a family again.  That's a PROMISE.  What an arrogant asshole!

Robin "Have I ever mentioned that I think JAR is an asshole?  Oh yeah - a LOT" Coutellier

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