Thursday, April 21, 2011

BC - Mon, 4/18/11

Bianca tells eBabe that Miranda Center donors are pulling out with the news of Griffin stealing drugs.  eBabe reminds her that SHE is the Miranda Center, not Griff.  It got me to thinking that Kendall is also (ostensibly) a big part of it.  Kendall is the one that squealed on Griff, which means SHE knew about it and didn't say anything and allowed him to continue doing work for and at the Miranda Center.  In fact, Kendall is often being arrested or going on trial for one thing or another.  Why doesn't anyone connected with the Miranda Center care about THAT?

Jesse is being an asshole about the baby.  Hey, you chose to keep that baby, so DEAL with it and stop punishing the baby for it by treating it as a THING instead of a PERSON

Angie, holding the baby, feels her way to the table where Jesse is doing some police work.  She feels the back of the chair and starts to sit when Jesse helpfully pulls it closer to her.  Uh, she had already oriented herself to where the chair was -- it seems to me that moving a chair that a blind person is in the process of sitting down on is a boneheaded move (literally) to make.  If she were REALLY blind, I wouldn't be surprised to see her and the baby tumble to the floor! 

I still can't get over how all those people are in a different COUNTRY (or territory or overseas collectivity (of France) or whatever it's called), Erica suddenly disappears without a word to ANYONE, and most of them just LEAVE!

Griff should have Kendall tossed out of his room.  Guilty of the crime or not, she'd be on my shit-list if *I* were him.

Although I think she was there in the room with everyone else when Erica disappeared, I can almost see Greenlee behind the kidnapping.  She hates Erica and doesn't want her to marry Jackson.  Again.

Wouldn't it be FABULOUS if Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt was behind this?  I don't know why she would be, but at this point I also wouldn't care.  Bring Vanessa back to do some mayhem and amuse us, and then have Leo come in on the last day to take Greenlee away.  (Of course, if that's already the plan with the storyline as it is playing at the moment, then they would already know that the show was going to be cancelled, since this would have been taped before the announcement.)

Doesn't Griff have a guard that should be keeping people out of his room?

Robin "Oh look, Kendall bought a clue -- it's about time SWEETHEART" Coutellier

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