Monday, April 11, 2011

BC - Wed, 4/6/11

Scott says he was a film major at NYU.  BZZZZZT!  He went to film school at UCLA.  He returned to Pine Valley and Greenlee followed him.  Unless he dropped out and then FINISHED at NYU.

Uh, I'm missing a key piece of logic here.  If they kill Kendall, wouldn't the casinos pretty much HAVE to be sold since neither one of the owners would be alive?  The kids would probably inherit everything.  Would they then try to persuade a guardian (Bianca?) to sell it?  Would the guardian even be ALLOWED to do that?  And if they kill Kendall, and everything goes to the kids, wouldn't the books STILL have to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb in order to do that?

Ryan invites himself to Madison's OB appointment.  WTF?  I don't care if he IS the baby's father, he has no right to butt in on an OB/GYN appointment!  They are not only no longer together, but he's married to Greenlee.  What's he going to do, watch her get a pelvic exam?  Yes, they did an ultrasound, but Madison didn't SAY they were there for an ultrasound, she merely said they were there because she had an OB/GYN appointment.  For all he knew, she had a yeast infection.

Not only am I askance that Ryan insisted on going to Madison's OB/GYN appointment, but, HELLO?  Emma?  What if Emma gets upset and runs out of HER appointment?  Emma seeing a shrink IS ostensibly why he and Greenlee are at the hospital in the first place.  Besides, NO ONE sees their doctor right away unless they are the first patient of the day or after lunch, so they'd just be sitting in the waiting room and they'd probably STILL be there when Emma came out to find herself abandoned, yet again.

Robin "considering how hell-bent Ryan is to know everything he possibly can about the genitalia of every woman in Pine Valley, perhaps he should go to school and become a gynecologist" Coutellier

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