Monday, April 18, 2011

BC - Thu, 4/14/11

Erica tells Opal that Jack loves her, challenges her, and he has NEVER let her down.  Really?  For once she did NOT bring up the fact that she lost custody of Bianca because of him?  That's not really what happened, but it has always been something that she's kept in her arsenal when things have gone wrong with them. 

Regarding Jack and Erica's beginnings, they had an affair while she was still married to Bianca's father, Travis, and Jack, with his newfound integrity, refused to lie about it in court.  I say "newfound integrity" because Jack was NOT that nice of a nice person when he first came to town.  He was still handsome, refined, etc., but he was also scheming.  He schemed with Barbara (Travis's first wife, but they were already divorced by then) to steal some jewels, I think, or possibly report them as stolen to collect insurance.  I think the money had to do with money they either stole or mismanaged from Travis's political campaign (Jack and Barbara were managing the campaign) and they had to replace it somehow.  He and Barbara were also having an affair at the time but it seemed to be a f-buddy kind of thing.

What self-respecting kidnapper puts the kidnappee in a chair in a dark place with a spotlight shining down on the kidnappee? 

I think it's HILARIOUS that Erica's curving bangs are oh-so-perfectly arranged on the OUTSIDE of the blindfold.  The kidnapper apparently used the artful lighting to artfully arrange her hair.

Robin "who kidnapped her, Vidal Sassoon?" Coutellier

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