Friday, April 1, 2011

BC - Wed, 3/30/11

What kind of cop leaves his police car unlocked while he goes on foot patrol?

Doesn't anyone ever say "No" to AJ?  You know what happens to little boys who never hear the world "No"?  They grow up to be JAR.

Was I the only one that DID hear a brief baby's cry (the baby was still not all the way out)?  It was not coming from the baby in the squad car.

Oh, I do NOT like this storyline of Angie and Jesse's baby dying and Jesse and Brot swapping in the abandoned baby.  That is all kinds of wrong!  It's bad enough that their baby died!  Of course, I haven't seen Thursday's show yet -- maybe they WON'T swap the baby, but the temptation will probably be too great and they WILL.

I can understand why Jesse might not have any kind of first-aid equipment with him since he was off-duty, but Brot should have had SOMETHING in his squad car to treat Angie and/or the baby (like an air pump, sterile gloves, moist towelettes ... SOMETHING.

Robin "PVPD: always prepared (to do the inept thing)" Coutellier

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