Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BC - Tue, 4/12/11

Okay, they kind of telegraphed a "complication" that will probably make Cara even more suspicious.  Frankie says Maya is in good shape and now they just have to wait for the results of the bloodwork.  Lucy is in to see her pediatrician for a well-baby check (I think).  There will be some anomaly in the blood work of both of them that will cause a link to be noticed.

Speaking of Frankie and Maya, there goes any theory of HIM being the baby's father.  They obviously didn't know each other prior to the appointment.

Town Lothario

Sorry, I had a sudden attack of Phoebe Wallingford Tourette's Syndrome.

Robin "I'll need to listen to some Perry Como now" Coutellier

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