Monday, April 18, 2011

BC - Fri, 4/15/11

Greenlee tells Ryan that she has ALWAYS seen Erica for who she really is:  a selfish, self-centered, evil stepmother.  Me:  "Like YOU?"  Emma:  "Like YOU!"  Okay, maybe not guffaw-worthy since it was easy to imagine it coming, but it was still funny.  Go EMMA!  She may be a mouthy little brat, but since Greenlee was probably FAR worse as a child (and WAAAAY worse as an adult), and since the show is going to end, anyway, I say GO FOR IT!

It is very uncharacteristic of Greenlee to just stand there and take it from Emma.  Sooner or later she's REALLY going to turn into the evil stepmother and, at the very least, yell at her. 

Erica disappeared from St. Bart's.  No one knows where she is, so why did Jack hightail it back to Pine Valley in the blink of an eye?

While Bianca was right when she said that (when she came out to Erica) Erica was only worried about how being openly gay would affect Bianca's life, but I take exception to the "only" part, because Bianca was also right when she accused Erica of only being worried about her image.  Erica was VERY worried about her image and was VERY ashamed of the fact that Bianca was gay, to the point that she shunned Bianca and bestowed lavish and blatantly girly attention on one of the mean girls "Shannon?".  She wanted Bianca to be a clone of herself and fought against any other option for Bianca.

So who kidnapped Erica?  Is is someone from her past or a new character?  If it's a new character, why bother, all things considered?

Robin "am I moving into the anger stage of mourning?" Coutellier

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