Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BC - Mon, 4/11/11

How does Erica keep her anniversaries straight?

Kendall certainly is an ungrateful BITCH, isn't she?  She spilled the beans about Griffin at the drop of an arrest, despite the fact that he a) saved her life more than once, and b) kept her from killing David.  Mind you, Griffin SHOULD be arrested for his ongoing stealing of antibiotics -- he could have found another way, but it wasn't Kendall's place to volunteer that information when he was at the police station for an entirely different matter.  And given all the times Kendall has tried to set OTHER people up and how she, herself, has been the victim of setups, she should at least think twice about his side of the story.  Not that Kendall has ever thought twice about anything in her entire life.

It occurred to me that some viewers might not understand the friendship between Erica and Opal.  Or maybe they do because it is so well-established that it's just accepted.  There's a backstory to that, though.  Erica only had disdain for Opal for a very long time.  Opal was crude, low-class and tacky and she had earlier made life difficult for Jenny, who was something of a protege of Erica's.  Then Opal latched onto Palmer (a storyline in and of itself), Erica's friend and mentor.  Erica was horrified!

I don't remember the exact storyline that precipitated it, but Erica was probably being snarky or possibly needy (the Glamorama may have factored into it) and Opal pointed out to her that Erica had no girlfriends because other women were always considered a threat in some way, plus Erica was the ONLY one who could be the STAR in a room.  She told Erica that she would make an excellent friend to her because she was not competition in any way, shape or form.  She was not a threat and did not want to be a star.  She could only make Erica look better by comparison.  She was happy to not only let Erica shine, but to help her to do so.  She would also tell Erica when she was in the wrong or needed reining in, which most people were afraid to do.  Erica thought about it and realized that Opal was right.  Thus their friendship was born and has endured.  Erica finally had a confidante other than Myrtle.

Robin "Erica rarely lets OPAL shine, but Opal tends to make up for it by adorning herself with shiny objects" Coutellier

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