Thursday, April 21, 2011

BC - Tue-Wed, 4/19-20/11

Angie is going to have to get used to ASKING who is at her door, even if she THINKS she knows who's there.  Not that any woman on a soap does (only on RARE occasions), no matter how much mayhem they've been subjected to in the past.

I LOVE how Emma is treating Greenlee!  WTF are Greenlee and Ryan thinking basically forcing Emma to spend a day at work with Greenlee?  I'm surprised Greenlee didn't make her sit in on a projections meeting.  Greenlee:  "I project that we will all be out of jobs by the end of September."  Emma:  "Sooner for YOU, if *I* have anything to say about it."

It was pretty laughable when Ryan told Emma that she could go to the Fusion office every single day for a month and still not see everything there is to be seen.  You can be there for less than 3 minutes and see everything that there is to be seen.

So Ricky DOES have a church?  When does he ever have time to tend to his flock?

Was I just not paying much attention (entirely possible)?  What very special thing did Ricky have set up for he and Kendall?  It looked like, um, the park.  Oh, there's a red blanket for them to sit on.  That's ITTHAT is what he had to have extra help setting up?

I see Greenlee is still wearing her fetish heels.  Yes, I know they are in style.  They are STILL fetish heels.  Not only that, but she's had them for a long time (since at least last September), which is very un-Greenlee-like.  She strikes me as someone who gets new shoes at LEAST once a month.

Why are there fresh flowers all over Kendall's yacht?  Are they set up every day just in CASE she comes by?  She should think about donating the money spent on just-in-case flowers to the Miranda Center instead.

Robin "will Kendall and her retinue just sail off into the sunset, with or without flowers?" Coutellier

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